Hello everybody, I worked yesterday on the link between Palgwae Trigrams and Taegeuk Poomsae. Well the trigrams explain the rythm of the Poomsae as far as I know.

Actually I'm working on the speed of the Yudanja Poomsae (Koryo, Keumgang, etc...) but I haven't got a I-Ching ressource for it so I can't find the original rythm (not the competition-purpose-Kukkiwon rythm).

Does anyone can help with it ?

I know Sipjin must be (or had to be) performed slowly, Pyeongweon with large mouvements (also for Cheonkweon),... but it is not enough to get the right way to perform all of them (the way the creators wanted them to be done, not the competitive way).

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