Not sure exactly where to put this, perhaps General Talk but it cries out to me to be put here.

Having read the Moomin books, by Tove Jansson, for many years (ignore those horrendous Japanese cartoons!) I've been somewhat influenced by whatever philosophy there is within them. Not sure but I still find myself relating to them.

Well, this Christmas, santa left a new book under the tree. "A Winter Book", short stories by Tove Jansson. These are short stories written for a more adult readership but have the same kind of life philosophy. Tove Jansson lived over 30 years on a deserted island (during the summer, at any rate)with just her life-partner. Something about the emptiness of the island comes across in her writing. I think there might be something zen about these works which would appeal to some of you guys.

Worth a look.
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