Personally I am less confident of the applications for the movement you describe however I would not look at the wedge block in crossed leg stance as separate in application from the elbow movements in natural stance with fists on hips, as one flows into the other.

If you consider the attack as a grab to clothes at middle level, the right elbow strikes the grabbing hand/forearm to produce resistance to your right (i.e against the force of your right striking elbow) and the left elbow then strikes the attacking wrist/forearm to the other side to push it the way it was going when resisting your right elbow. In other words, your first elbow is a setup, allowing your second elbow to break the grip more easily. You follow this with a grab of the attacking wrist or wrist and elbow and a turn into koto gaeshi (wrist only) or a lock on the wrist and elbow, represented by the turn on the spot into wedge block. From here you might even go into the gripping/striking in crane stance with a knee to the face of the person whose wrist you are locking, who has dropped lower.

To make this work in the first place against a resisting attacker, I suspect you need a distraction to the face or groin before the elbow techniques. As we practice, a distraction is implicit/necessary before any locking techniques.

In the old days in the UK, Japanese teachers used to demonstrate the elbows/fists on hips as defence against straight body punches, too stupid for words IMHO.