Hi all,

A bit of advanced notice and a definate date for you diary is 29th April 2006. Steve Rowe will be taking one of the Combat Arena workshops for the second time. Those that who attended the first one were left with years material to digest.

Last time Steve covered mindset, intent, power generation, impact applications and a whole host of other things that simply blew us away. We can only guess what we'll get out of this one!

The workshop will start at 1pm and finish at 4pm. It'll be 30 and will be located at the Shi Kon Dojo in Chatham, Kent (address below). Prior booking and payment will be required. To book please email gavin@combatarena.co.uk or telephone 07834 555 772.

Shi Kon Dojo location:

Shi Kon Martial Arts Centre
Chatham Hill
Kent ME5 7BB
Gavin King
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