If I may, a quote from Yagyu Munenori:

"It is prejudice to think that swordsmanship is meant soley to lsash an opponent. It is not meant to slash an opponent, but to kill evil."

Indeed, we could do some very bad things with what we know, and with the knowledge we pursue. But, that seems to imply that the martial arts has this unqiue venom to it, and most other things are innocent.

Think of the tongue: how many times more quickly can you destroy a person with a word or an attitiude than a punch?
But, you do nto see anyone chastising any of the Rhetoric teachers out there, do you?

So it again all comes down to where we are as people and why we train. Do we train to watch others suffer under us, for some control over people and the world around us?

Or, do we train to focus and frefine btoh the mind and body, that such a lusting for non-existant control and power no longer matters?

Again, what gets me is: people seem to forget that the martial arts are not the only arts which could cause damage. It's just because it's first purpose is victory in a confrontation, we think of the martial arts first as some nasty thing.

Further, what is power? Dominance over others, or the ability to enact change?

Just because you want to become a better martial artist I do not believe means you need a head/ego examination. Technically then, wouldn't you need to put a doctor through the same thing?

In the end, it really does come down to something as simple, I believe, as "Do you want the Light Side or the Dark Side of the force? Spiritual refinement or dominating control?"

And further no one can answer that question; but you.

Just my thoughts.
"Success is a process, not a destination. Have faith in your ability."~Bruce Lee