If I may, I do think Mr. Neko does bring up an interesting point: The MMA, again much like my example fo being a Dillman guy, are relatively young and in some cases skirt or in extreme scoff at most traditional methods of technique/training.

TMA(as with most MAs) being the proud and proud of the art sort that they are, generally dislike that, and some have very choice words for said "antithisestablishmentarianistic" views. Which in tunr, can ellict "You wanna go?" from the MMA guy. But, this can only irratate the TMA guy, since he was brought up with the oral tradition of when challenging really MEANT something serious, and was usually until someone stopped breathing.

So again, I thik we all need to:

...and not:
"Success is a process, not a destination. Have faith in your ability."~Bruce Lee