This is the film in which Tony Jaa makes his debut. Its a fairly budget film also starring Panna Rittikrai (huge star often likened to Jet Li and Jackie Chan in Thailand).

Tony Jaa had a smaller part than the back of the DVD had me believe but all the action in the film was pretty good.It seemed like a mix between Ong Bak style Muay Thai brawling with a hint of tradional Kung Fu films, it really had some interesting animal style Muay Thai action.

It was made in 1994 but for its budget filming and style it really did seem like it came out in the 80s. On the whole it was an OK film with good fight scenes, interesing to see what regular Thai action films are like rather than the ultra famous high budget ones.

I hear this is getting a US DVD release, if it hasnt already (look out for the terrible dubbing).
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