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#291555 - 11/17/06 10:19 PM Re: enhance yourself and how to do it [Re: the_jonn]
the_jonn Offline
On the bubble

Registered: 09/13/06
Posts: 68
and oh yes its your choice if you want to be successful my advice is not to do karate but if you want to be successfull in martial arts you need to learn other kinds of martial arts karate is common for only dumb people who dont know how to advance there martial arts training and I know you are going to take offense I am not an idiot i am telling you the truth and if you dont beleive it go ahead to karate because lots of people do NOT reccomend it beleive me.

#291556 - 12/07/06 07:02 AM Re: enhance yourself and how to do it [Re: the_jonn]
samuraij Offline

Registered: 12/06/06
Posts: 7
Loc: South West of Western Australi...
Your ignorance is outstanding. Lots of people think they should be told what to do by one person in parlament. Why do you even bother saying this s**t to people do you think theyre going to listen to you and every other website saying "forget karate, kung fu, muay thai, this is the real thing. We know how to train you to kill with one strike!!!!!" go to some other forum and preach your crap. You want a political battle? go join your local government office and think ur making a difference to how people act!

#291557 - 12/08/06 02:00 PM Re: enhance yourself and how to do it [Re: the_jonn]
BrianS Offline
Higher rank than you
Professional Poster

Registered: 11/04/05
Posts: 5959
Loc: Northwest Arkansas

well mate take my word for it you would be better off doing a ground fighting grappling training to be able to win ina fight and you need to keep all hands up not fists up because that is how you get your head smacked in trust me. karate dont teach you that only ju jitsu.

LOL. You haven't the slightest clue about karate,obviously.

Stick with your art and when you get back from exploring the world and all the martial arts in it,then come back and educate us.

See you in about 30yrs!!
The2nd ammendment, it makes all the others possible. <///<

#291558 - 12/09/06 12:47 PM Re: enhance yourself and how to do it [Re: the_jonn]
kyokushinkai Offline

Registered: 05/27/05
Posts: 327
Loc: Prince Edward Island , Canada
The_john. Is your arguement suppose to be that karate is horrible compared to all other MA's because you tried it for 3 days, and didn't become Super Saiyan Goku?

Sorry bud but I don't think MA's are going to be for you if this is your opinion.
"Using a spoon to row a boat is clearly the act of an idiot." Cord

#291559 - 12/10/06 06:04 PM Re: enhance yourself and how to do it [Re: the_jonn]
MrSex4You Offline

Registered: 07/22/06
Posts: 2
My perspective on this age old style of "kung-fu vs karate vs whatever vs japanease vs americans vs rice eaters vs ninja" debate.

What is a martial art? Why do you practice it? Most probably you know very little about the different martial arts, what they offer and hence you can not make an intelligent decision about which to train.

Is the martial art defined solidly or is it dependent on who your instructor is? Is it dependent on yourself and what you make of it? Can you learn martial arts from reading a book? Can you practice it all by yourself?

Is it about defending yourself in the street? Is it about using your mind and body together?

You talk about karate. When you go to a karate class you might learn what the instructor tells you to practice. You might learn what you choose to practice. There might be katas to be learned and performed.

In a brazilian jiu-jitsu class there will be a very different set of techniques. Most probably you will spar alot. Other people will spar against you.

What if you talk with some of the people in your karate class if they want to spar some? Perhaps standing and on the ground.

What if you talk with some people in your jiu-jitsu class and ask if they want to spar with gloves and punches too?

You have endless possibilities to train. A good relationship with a good instructor will help, but where do you want to go?

Personally, I need sparring. It develops all the physical and mental attributes necessary for the specific kind of fighting. If you spar in karate you will perform better in a karate type of fight, because that is what you trained against.

Imagine yourself two years from now, having trained brazilian jiu-jitsu, what will you do if you are attacked and need to defend yourself? Your sense of balance, your strength, your awareness of body mechanics, your reflexes, all improved. Of course you will have a better chance than two years ago.

What if you chose karate? If the training was equally oriented in sparring, modern working techniques and physically tough, then I would say you have also vastly improved chances.

But what if the specific school you choose is not modern, does not incorporate sparring, has a bad instructor, does not allow mixed fighting, does not allow you to try new ideas, does not focus on conditioning, has not got a diversity of sparring partners, and a whole plethora of attributes.

Do you still think it has got to do with style? You have to realize what each style offers. What each instructor offers. What each school offers.

What will you yourself contribute to your training?

#291560 - 12/21/06 12:11 PM Re: enhance yourself and how to do it [Re: the_jonn]
Boomer Offline

Registered: 11/26/04
Posts: 304
Loc: York, Pa
well, this has been quite fun. but like ol "Tater Salad" Ron White says:
"You can't fix stupid."

I hope that at least you're good looking, Mr.the jonn.
Calling yourself "Master" implies that you have slaves.

#291561 - 01/21/07 10:55 PM Re: enhance yourself and how to do it [Re: the_jonn]
Mr_Heretik Offline

Registered: 05/20/05
Posts: 1074
Loc: Bronx NY, USA
I have got to visit these boards more often.

#291562 - 01/27/07 05:40 AM Re: enhance yourself and how to do it [Re: Mr_Heretik]
diddy Offline

Registered: 01/27/07
Posts: 9
Have been watching this forum for ages, but it was this thread that finally inspired me to sign up.

What a boring place the world would be without characters like The_John

#291563 - 09/16/07 12:02 PM Re: enhance yourself and how to do it [Re: the_jonn]
JasonM Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/17/05
Posts: 2502

I wasn't going to comment and be better but I can't help it. You are a M O R O N! And that is being nice. I know Karate green belts that could squash you.

Why don't you go back to your mystical mountain and levitate for another decade....
90 percent of good abs is your nutrition

#291564 - 09/16/07 12:25 PM Re: enhance yourself and how to do it [Re: JasonM]
Taison Offline
The Forum Dragon
Professional Poster

Registered: 09/06/05
Posts: 3629
Loc: BKK, Thailand
He doesn't need a mountain to levitate.

He got some green plant which he smokes to levitate. I hope he'll fall and hit his head hard enough that he bleeds internally.

-Taison out
I got two fists.. Don't make me use my head as well!

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