Dark Ressurection is so far judged by the overall Tekken community as being the most well balanced game in the series. For the first time we are seeing chars like Jack and Kuma actually do well in tournies across the world. It also has much better customizations than T5.0. Unfortunately, the game is only available for purchase on the PSP, which is NOT a good format for a fighting game. Below is a petition to Namco asking for a PS2 release of DR. If you would like to play this game on the PS2, please take a minute to sign the petition.
I respect everyone's opinion but please spare me the "dont bother trying because your only going to fail" routine. Its worth a shot and contrary to popular belief online petitions CAN work, and big video game companies HAVE reconsidered some of their buisness decisions as a result of customer feedback. Thanks for reading, see you in the arcades

Petition to get Tekken 5 DR as a PS2 title