Hello and welcome to the Aikido forum. I will be moderating the forum for a while, and will expect all of the courtesy and respect that the rest of the forum expounds. So, general rules for the forum:

# Follow the forum rules.
# Trolling, profanity, personal attacks, and rude behavior will not be tolerated.
# Please use the forums search function before submitting new topics.
# If you have an issue with an individual contact a moderator. If you have a problem with a moderator contact another moderator and/or the site administrator.
# If your topic belongs in a specific forum on this site, it may be moved by a moderator to its rightful place.
# Prohibited areas of discussion: The following areas of discussion are strictly prohibited; Religion, Sexuality, Politics, Racism, Nationalism.
# Advertising: Is not allowed except in the form of members promoting personal MA events or seminars. If you wish to advertise on this site, contact the webmaster.
# Art bashing will not be allowed or tolerated. If you had a bad experience with a certain art, specify, but do not assume that all of the art is the same as what you experienced.
# There are to be no "X vs. Y" threads on this forum, they are pointless and only lead to flame wars.
# No not post the same question in multiple forums. Choose the most appropriate forum and make your question/comment there.

Have fun and keep posting!