Yachigusa Ryu Aiki Bugei and U.C. Davis Hapkido Club

Prof. Rick Clark
Ao Denkou Jutsu: Vital-Point Striking

Saturday, October 21 and Sunday, October 22, 2006

Professor Clark's Ao Denko Jutsu, based on the use of vital points, enhances striking and grappling techniques of any given system or style to achieve maximum effect. Many of his techniques are developed through analysis of traditional forms, uncovering effective applications hidden within them.

This world-class instructor has taught martial artists all over the world how to increase the effectiveness of their techniques and gain a better understanding of traditional forms they practice.

Saturday 10/21
10:00 3:00
998 Geneva Ave
San Francisco, CA 94112

Sunday 10/22
11:00 4:00
1501 North C Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Pre-registered 1 day $55.00 / both days $85.00
Day of event 1 day $65.00 / both days $100.00

For more information contact:
Gary Moro, Kyoshi Yachigusa Ryu Aiki Bugei (415) 821-1902 / yachigusaryu@aol.com
Bob Sarason, U.C. Davis Hapkido Club (530) 752-3737 / rlsarason@ucdavis.edu

Or visit http://www.yachigusaryu.com/seminar_rick_clark_2006.html
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