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#283332 - 04/18/08 09:08 PM Re: Staff Videos [Re: WuXing]
harlan Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 07/31/04
Posts: 6666
Loc: Amherst, MA
So, basically a wrap.

#283333 - 04/18/08 09:20 PM Re: Staff Videos [Re: harlan]
WuXing Offline

Registered: 10/24/05
Posts: 481
Loc: Idaho, USA
If that's what you want to call it, sure

#283334 - 04/18/08 10:44 PM Re: Staff Videos [Re: WuXing]
harleyt26 Offline

Registered: 06/23/04
Posts: 75
Loc: Summerfield,Florida U.S.A.
After the first circle how do you know who is parrying who?After the first circle you are helping the opponent target yourself straight down the middle so to speak.If you are parrying in this fashion of circling the tip of the opponents bo what is to keep him from striking you with the other end?This is if it is bo against bo.If it is your bo against a set of sai or tonfa for example your bo is occupied while your opponent is free to attack with the second weapon.If you practice weapons kumite you will see how fast things happen,this circling is not likely to happen with a desired outcome.
Pretty for show but not effective technique.
Tom Hodges
Thomas Hodges, train 100 practice 1000

#283335 - 04/18/08 11:29 PM Re: Staff Videos [Re: harleyt26]
Chatan1979 Offline

Registered: 03/21/05
Posts: 338
Loc: Mahomet , Illinois
I didnt watch the oyodomari no kun, but I agree with Harley that the Chatan yara no kun bears striking similarities to the Tokumine no kun that we study minus the multicircular wraps.
There is always someone who knows more, and noone who knows it all....

#283336 - 04/18/08 11:39 PM Re: Staff Videos [Re: Chatan1979]
harlan Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 07/31/04
Posts: 6666
Loc: Amherst, MA
Well, whatever the technique is called, or it's surmised purpose, it is intrigueingly different and something new for me. Thanks, ShorinjiSeisan, for posting it...and making for some interesting Friday conversation.

#283337 - 04/19/08 01:22 PM Re: Staff Videos [Re: harleyt26]
WuXing Offline

Registered: 10/24/05
Posts: 481
Loc: Idaho, USA
You don't do it unless it's appropriate. It would obviously only be appropriate against another staff or other long pole weapon, like a spear. That's what most staff techniques were designed to deal with, I believe.
You deflect their weapon down when it is thrust at you. If they use that motion to continue their attack by circling up to strike you, you maintain contact with the weapon to control and circle it down again. If you manage to trap their weapon down at some point, or otherwise make them lose control or pause, then you strike. If they do something else to attack you, like bring around the other end, then you react acordingly.
Alternatively, you may just be reacting to repeated thrust attacks (which are easy to deliver in rapid succession).

I see the forms as a representation of a strategy, not a technique to be repeated verbatim. In other words, the form may have you performing five circles in a row, this does not mean you must always do five circles in a row. You do as many as you need to...maybe one, maybe ten. The form simply addresses the possibility that you might have to do more than one circle before countering.

#283338 - 04/19/08 03:50 PM Re: Staff Videos [Re: WuXing]
ShorinjiSeisan Offline

Registered: 09/14/05
Posts: 51
Interesting discussion. This is good... I think it's important to challenge and question your art.

From what I've been told, Chatan Yara No Kon is an old kata, from the early 1700's. I'm sure that Tokumine No Kon and Chatan Yara No Kon are related... they might be looked at as one being a challenge, and the other a response. I don't know which is the which, or if it even matters.

The Tokumine No Kon in my style has a series of three stepping in, thrusting pokes that are the offensive counterpart movements to the three stepping-back circular parrys that are in Chatan Yara No Kon.

There's another kata called Tenryu No Kon, that has a combination of three in-place thrusting pokes that would be an excellent offensive bunkai for the three parrys that have been the point of discussion. Could be just as simple as that, but I like how this conversation has forced me to look deeper.

I really like what WuXing said in the last post. That's exacly how this combination was described. The succession of circular parrys were like pakua or taichi pushing hands. When learning this kata, we worked with a partner on this.

The kata that I'm currently learning (Hama Higa No Kon) has two series of these parrys as you're walking a quarter circle - just like the pakua pushing hands.

This is great. Now I have a bunch of questions for my sensei.

#283339 - 05/09/08 07:38 PM Re: Staff Videos [Re: ShorinjiSeisan]
harlan Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 07/31/04
Posts: 6666
Loc: Amherst, MA
An interesting bo video.

Shinshinkan Isshin Ryu Karate - Urashi Bo no Kata

#283340 - 05/10/08 04:31 PM Re: Staff Videos [Re: harlan]
Victor Smith Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 06/01/00
Posts: 3220
Loc: Derry, NH
Hi Narda,

If you ever make it up to Derry I'd be glad to share it (in part or all) with you. It's the 2nd of our 3 bo kata and is an interesting challenge.
victor smith bushi no te isshinryu offering free instruction for 30 years

#283341 - 05/15/08 07:10 PM Re: Staff Videos [Re: Victor Smith]
mambawaba Offline

Registered: 05/11/08
Posts: 18
Hi, ill post some jogo do pau videos here:

this one is long but is good, it shows traditional technique and free sparring

this is a great exercise, even if it is a demonstration we usually do this to practice blocking, with random and powerfull attacks in the chair to not move back

same exercise, but you can notice here he is having more difficultly blocking, but its great none the less

here are a set of different videos, even with armor and against multiple adversaries:

and some videos i made, from a free practice/get together:
if you like you can join the youtube group i created about jogo do pau, hope i can make more videos in the future:

any question just ask,

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