What is working best out there to better facilitate Ging?

A.) Is it a set of excercizes targeted to specific body parts?

B.) Is it practicing forms/katas slowly and snapping on follow through and incorporating sam jin sau (sp)?

C.) Is it whipping through the forms/katas for ideal muscle memory?

D.) Is it something completely different?

In my extemely limited experience, I get the most out of training forms at a 40-50% speed initialy, and marginally increasing the speed each time thereafter. I've completed the 1st set (gung ji fuk fu kuen) of my chosen style Hung Kuen, and training for testing soon. In the next couple of weeks, if sifu thinks I'm ready, I will begin fu hok training, the second set.
I've only been on this board for a short period of time , but I've learned a great deal, especially on cross-stylistic approaches to training.