I'm not very good with the 3-section staff (i have a rubber one and i still manage to get bruises ), but I use bo staff in every weapons competition. Your arm technique is solid, but your stances are undefined at times. If you could make all of your stances as sharp as at 00:34 on your video you will do great at tournaments. Your stances don't have to be as deep as at 00:34, but if you let the judges see each distinct stance they will probably score significantly higher. Your form has a lot of figure 8s and big swings. Make sure you emphasize the few forward strikes. Some tournaments have criteria for scoring visually pleasing forms. They want to see a certain degree of traditionality (I hope that's a real word) that you will find in forward strikes, reverse strikes, blocks, and thrust to accompany the dazzling figure 8s. I couldn't tell from the video, but i would assume that all of your big swings have a nice "whoosh" to them. That's always good. I like your form. Nice job.
Are you ok!?!? It was an accident! No really! I promise!