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#275196 - 07/19/07 05:26 AM Re: Little survey: Does your dojo have sparring? [Re: Ice]
grogling Offline

Registered: 07/12/07
Posts: 7
Loc: UK
1. Zen Shin Do Karate
2. Yes. For me, sparing is an essential part of the club.
3. Contact and rules vary according to who is teaching. Normally light contact with a set of rules but sometimes medium with very few rules. Occasionally we do 'anything goes' where you are allowed to attack any person in the dojo who is fighting. This is great for teaching about peripheral vision.

#275197 - 08/02/07 01:16 AM Re: Little survey: Does your dojo have sparring? [Re: grogling]
IsshinryuFanatic Offline

Registered: 08/02/07
Posts: 2
Loc: North Carolina
1. Isshinryu Karate
2. Yes, differant degrees of sparring are used for belt tests
3. We do what we call "Tag Sparring" Which is an open hand just touch and go sparring all the way up to medium to hard contact but never full where we whip out the pads and go to town.
Hachi-Kyu 8th Grade Yellow Belt K-123 Isshinryu Karate Komote-Ryu (Japanese Sword Fighting)

#275198 - 08/26/07 07:32 PM Re: Little survey: Does your dojo have sparring? [Re: IsshinryuFanatic]
TEARNEYpupil Offline

Registered: 08/26/07
Posts: 1
1. Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate
2. YES
3. Full contact with good control at all times

#275199 - 08/28/07 02:52 PM Re: Little survey: Does your dojo have sparring? [Re: Ives]
Burnsie Offline

Registered: 08/28/07
Posts: 12
Loc: Canada, eh!
Shorinjiryu Kenkokan.

Full contact with Bogu & Men. No other protection.
Some light rendori with light contact occaisionally (maybe for a quick warm up).
Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karate Koshiki fighting system

#275200 - 09/11/07 06:02 PM Re: Little survey: Does your dojo have sparring? [Re: Ives]
Sempeirobot Offline

Registered: 09/11/07
Posts: 5
Greetings to everyone on this fine site I just found!

1. Kishi Karate

2. Sparring - Yes...we call it Kumite

"Hard" Kumite is full contact sparring, which occurs at the end of most classes.

There are no pads, groin protectors, headgear, mouthguard, or any other foreign objects, except a gi and a belt to hold it together. Sometimes, however, unpadded leather gloves are used, if one's hand has an open cut, to keep from negligently spreading blood over the gi of ones opponent (which is considered disrespectful).

During "Hard" kumite, each student tries to not hit the head, groin or knees, which happens every now and then unintentionally.

New students start kumite early on. The nature of "Hard" kumite is that junior goes against senior. Senior tries to not hit junior harder than junior has been hit before, plus just a little more force to give junior the opportunity to grow (get stronger by being able to take heavier and heavier blows).

Junior, on the other hand, is expected to hit senior as hard as he or she possibly can, while still maintaining proper form.

As junior grows, senior grows as well, since he or she is taking much more punishment than he or she is giving.

There is also "slow kumite", every once in a while, which is slow motion with light contact.

Nurb, you may want to consider training Kishi sounds right up your alley...

Unfortunately, there are only three Kishi Karate dojos in the world, Shinjo, Japan; NYC; or, Millbrook, New York.

There's probably less than two dozen students in the World who train Kishi Karate.

I live near San Francisco; so, if Nurb, or anyone else who is interested, wants to practice some of what I have learned in this style, I'd be happy to train again (haven't, since moving away from the Dojo).

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share.



#275201 - 12/31/08 10:27 AM Re: Little survey: Does your dojo have sparring? [Re: Nurb]
stac3y Offline

Registered: 12/29/08
Posts: 42
1) American Karate
2) Yes; it starts about 3 weeks into each 3 month session.
3) Officially, we're light contact only, but as rank goes up, it gets more toward medium. If you want to go full on, most of the black belts are happy to comply. Control is heavily emphasized. We use head guards (required up to brown belt in class; up to black belt in tournaments), hand and foot pads. Face shields are required up to brown belt in tournaments. Groin and face are legal target areas, in addition to all the other usual ones.

Stac3y (purple belt, American Karate--testing for brown in February if my stupid ankle heals!)
Stac3y Karate Moms have Brass Ovaries!

#421197 - 08/01/09 02:33 PM Re: Little survey: Does your dojo have sparring? [Re: student_of_life]
pdryan005 Offline

Registered: 06/23/07
Posts: 1

Hi, I also practise SHOTOKAN (iskf) AND i AGREE WITH YOU.

#428372 - 07/17/10 05:25 AM Re: Little survey: Does your dojo have sparring? [Re: pdryan005]
Nevinyrral Offline

Registered: 07/16/10
Posts: 9
Loc: Poland
I do shotokan and we have sparring on WKF rules

#428429 - 07/19/10 07:07 AM Re: Little survey: Does your dojo have sparring? [Re: Nevinyrral]
ninpopo Offline

Registered: 07/01/10
Posts: 72
Loc: Africa *drums starts playing i...
1) Goju Kai
2) Yes
3) Full Contact (bare fists, no protection)
Be the change you wish to see in the world

#428878 - 08/05/10 10:08 PM Re: Little survey: Does your dojo have sparring? [Re: ninpopo]
kenposan Offline

Registered: 08/23/01
Posts: 633
Loc: Columbus, Ohio
Okinawa Kenpo


In my last dojo, boxing head gear, chest protector, gloves, and foot gear were required. Most of us opted for shin guards as well. Contact was medium, but if you wanted to take it up a notch, most people didn't complain. Control was emphasized and a lack of control was usually met with a "lesson".
The angry man will defeat himself in battle, as well as in life. -Samurai maxim

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