I run a charity sanctioning body that puts on amature fight shows in the north east, I am looking for fighters for our dec 9th card outside albany Ny, this is personal to me because all proceedes go to the family of one of my clubmembers and our high school wrestling team who was crippled in a logging accident in april. the funds will go for an experimental procedure to hopefuly restore his abillity to walk.

anyway we have bouts in
*Full Contact Karate
*Vale-Tudo (MMA But not)
*Kick Boxing-Muay-Thai and western

This is a great chance for any young guys who want to break into mma, no one has more than 4 fights on our card and if you win you are guarnteed a second fight in august. There is no charge to compete and all matches will be set by Nov 1rst so you will know if you have a bout.
weight classes:
lightweight 160 >
welterweight 161-175
Middleweight 175 -188
Lightheavyweight 189-208
heavyweigth 209 +

if interested please e-mail me your postal address or call
if I can provide any further info to anyone on the web here or moderators please contact me via phone this is very important to me

Rev James C. Mullooly

Pastor South Bern Christian Church
President Empire State Warrior Challenge