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#271722 - 07/19/06 09:41 AM Re: MTV2 Final Fu Episode 1 [Re: JoelM]
IExcalibui2 Offline

Registered: 05/20/06
Posts: 961
Loc: New York City
hahah Joel, good catch I didnt even notice
so thats why there were less girls...
"you're going to work till you wish you were dead and then keep going.." -Sgt Slaughter

#271723 - 07/19/06 09:49 AM Re: MTV2 Final Fu Episode 1 [Re: IExcalibui2]
JoelM Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 07/26/04
Posts: 6355
Loc: Georgia, USA

Good thing about XMA girls....flexible.
We should all take ourselves seriously...and then crumple that image up and toss it out the window.

#271724 - 07/20/06 06:33 AM Re: MTV2 Final Fu Episode 1 [Re: JoelM]
Tezza Offline

Registered: 07/05/05
Posts: 775
Loc: Kent, U.K.
Train Hard Tez WT Central

#271725 - 07/20/06 12:15 PM Re: MTV2 Final Fu Episode 1 [Re: Tezza]
IExcalibui2 Offline

Registered: 05/20/06
Posts: 961
Loc: New York City
I hate the sparring part of the show because a guy can just keep tapping the other person with their fist and gain like 5 points from throwing a punch with no power behind it. Kind of like knocking on a door with your fist. Its dumb because "power moves" wont exactly stop your opponent from attacking. He'll just take the light kick to his arm and then punch you so yea......

And I dont like the obstacle course either as not all MA uses Bo staffs or breaks boards (well in this show they all do aparently). MTV messed up..
"you're going to work till you wish you were dead and then keep going.." -Sgt Slaughter

#271726 - 07/20/06 01:44 PM Re: MTV2 Final Fu Episode 1 [Re: IExcalibui2]
ShikataGaNai Offline

Registered: 08/27/05
Posts: 1163
Loc: Bellingham, WA
That most recent episode of the show is the only one I've ever seen...
That was hands down the DUMBEST display of MMA (moronic martial arts) that I have ever witnessed!
On that obstacle course, why did they include a staff for a bunch of XMA brats that have obviously NEVER USED ONE IN THEIR LIFE! They couldn't even figure out to jab the ends of it into the boards to do maximum damage for breaking - they actually MISSED more times than they hit!
The "sparring", don't get me started - I know technique can turn to crap when put into fighting applications, but this crap, oh man. THAT WAS SOME CRAP. Two chicks locking up and trading waist level hay makers that couldn't knock a ball off a cone and had about as much snap as dog poo.
And what's with all the stupid grunting noises the contestants constantly make?!
Shameful. Ernie Reyes Jr. should be ashamed of himself. I don't get what's interesting about a bunch of XMAists who are obviously more concerned with their hair than their skills.
This show gets the Shikata "get the h3ll off my planet award" for 2006.

#271727 - 07/20/06 05:11 PM Re: MTV2 Final Fu Episode 1 [Re: ShikataGaNai]
IExcalibui2 Offline

Registered: 05/20/06
Posts: 961
Loc: New York City
hahah I actually thought the 2 girls trading blows was actually more damaging than watching the guys just tap each other with punches....

Yea the weapons part I really disagree with because different arts teach different weapons and some arts dont even have weapons, or very little.
"you're going to work till you wish you were dead and then keep going.." -Sgt Slaughter

#271728 - 07/20/06 07:22 PM Re: MTV2 Final Fu Episode 1 [Re: IExcalibui2]
gojuwarrior1 Offline
tougher than you

Registered: 12/24/02
Posts: 1178
Loc: East Coast, USA
Should have been called the final FOOL!
I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. 2 Tim. 4:7

#271729 - 07/20/06 08:05 PM Re: MTV2 Final Fu Episode 1 [Re: gojuwarrior1]
JasonM Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/17/05
Posts: 2502
Man, I just watched it for the first time abou 3 minutes ago. And all I can say is, r they serious? One person that trained in American Karate kept turning their back and when they got tagged, lightly in the face I thought she was gonna cry. The "sparring" was baaad....IMO
90 percent of good abs is your nutrition

#271730 - 07/21/06 02:23 AM Re: MTV2 Final Fu Episode 1 [Re: JasonM]
Dereck Offline

Registered: 10/04/04
Posts: 10416
Loc: Great White North
Never heard of it or seen it advertised, I suspect we don't get it up here in my neck of the woods in Canada. Looked at their bios and some seem impressive enough but only one person weights 190 lbs, one weighs 180 lbs, one weighs 175 lbs and the rest are all buggy whips for weight; not dismissing their ability though.

I watched 2 clips and that was enough. They are pretty limited to what they can actually do which I think hurts them and makes their arts look whimpy. Nobody throwing power shots, you can't kick to the head and everything is with control ... or mostly controlled. I don't know all of the rules and not even sure I really care. It would be interesting to watch a whole program but something tells me that I would turn it off or grit my teeth through it. How does somebody like me who watches MMA bring myself down to this level for entertainment?

I think the show has a strangle hold on their abilities but I think that they are looking for other viewers then MMA viewers. This isn't hardcore though I know from my own training that it can be exhausting. I'm sure many of these people are good at what they do so I won't take anything away from them.

Each their own but not for me.

#271731 - 07/21/06 02:40 AM Re: MTV2 Final Fu Episode 1 [Re: Dereck]
Alejandro Offline

Registered: 05/02/02
Posts: 940
Loc: Las Cruces, NM USA
I've caught parts of a couple of episodes, and I share everyone's feelings about the show; just another poor "martial arts" show displaying the sad state of the mainstream representation and perception of martial "ish" stuff (a la Discovery's XMA show). I usually don't mind such drivel, but the fact that people accept these things as true martial art and as the most highly evolved forms of martial art and artists does bother me...a lot.

The sparring they are doing is very common these days, called continuous sparring. Simply an attempt at making modern point sparring (or pillow tag) more "realistic." Yeah right. It is supposed to allow head striking though, and they exclude that in this show.
Typically technique becomes even worse in continuous than in point; certainly in no way a good test of any martial skill. Being good at point or continuous sparring means your good at, well. point or continuous sparring!!!

Final Fu doesn't even rank among crappy shows that are still good and fun to American Gladiators...yeah, I'd rather watch that!
In Budo, -Al

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