interesting responses. whats more interesting is the collective profiles it makes. painting a broad stroke, I read two basic philosophies here:

"my way or the highway"
"politically correct"

with perhaps a gray area inbetween, that I'll call: "business casual".

I'll go a little off-topic, but wanted to mention this, since it may be of interest...

not surprizingly, your responses could roughly fall into management and leadership personalities/styles. ..and with more people opening their own - probably led to the spike in 'dojo management' books recently (most are trash and just recycled '101' management courses or 'get rich quick' schemes).

For some depth on the subject, whether you manage your own gym for free enjoyment or as a business - I recommend reading "The 33 Strategies of War" by Robert Greene.
It puts business and personal decisions/pitfalls in a martial framework with real world philosophies to dig your thoughts into.