I am wondering how many people have heard of the wood from the pink/yellow poui tree. I bought a stick made of this wood 2 days ago. So far i have been testing it out so far it is heavier than the white oak found in medium quality generic bokkens/bokuto. It is extremely straight grained, with white wood lighter than that of white oak. It's resistance to splintering and denting is quite amazing. I have used it in full contact sparring against a low quality red oak bokken.(not suprisingly poui ate it up) and a white oak bokken even using strikes humans probally cant create with a swing didnt damage the poui. The stick i bought if a carved and smoothed branch with about a 1inch diameter. I have found out that poui is the wood used for fighting sticks in the traditional martial art of my country Trinidad and Tobago.
Pending until i can think of something that wont meet complaint. Apoligies to the kiddies