Certification and ranking isn't really a traditional thing in FMA, especially in the Philippines. Often there wasn't a whole bunch to learn, just basic defence and counters and a few "secret" tactics to hit the other guy with something he hadn't seen before. It's a recent thing to develop a huge system where students cover vast ammounts of material. In the past it was taught quick so you could use it straight away. The yardstick was being able to use it pratically - hence folks advise to gear up and go at it.

If this guy just wants to make noise, and you don't want to fight him, don't teach him. If it's your class - chuck him out! If he starts to make noises about qualification, you could be in a bit of grief though, as you've mixed a whole bunch of bits together. The tempting, and all-to-common thing is to call it your own system. But the only one who recognises it is you. Basically if there are folks who want to learn what you have to show them, and you're honest about the source, no worries.

Don't get so hung up on his comments. A lot of FMA stuff can't be used in combat. Does that mean it's useless? No way. A bunch of styles teach huge numbers of disarms (for example) most of which you'll never pull off in a pressure situation. But what'll happen is a few of them will work for you - consistantly (usually he simple ones). The other ones are actually helping develop your attributes, timing, contact reflexes, recognising openings etc. The hard part is recognising what drills have value - and how you can apply them or the principles they give you.

The more I train in FMA, the more things I see from different styles that are similar, and the more cluses I get to the application of all the stuff. Takes a while, and a bit of thought.

Marc Denny (of the Dog Brothers) often quotes a saying of Dan Inosanto's about different training being for different periods of your life. Quickly usable stuff for the short term, more complex stuff for the long term, when you are a bit older and can't muscle it out with the young ones any more.

Sounds like your guy is looking at the short term end of things...
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