This forum gives all members both qualified and unqualified the chance to share advice, theories, discussion and enthusiasm, for all aspects of physical training.

The information in any and all posts should not be considered as a substitute for professional in person exercise tuition, nor should any advice given be considered as a replacement for medical advice in regards to any health condition the reader/member may have.

When posting a question, all responses will be given based on an assumption that the poster is of sound body and mind, with no medical contra-indications to exercise, unless clearly stated otherwise.

In the event that you have a query regarding exercise, and you do have medical issues, it is your responsibility to seek medical authorisation to undertake physical exertion, and to work within parameters agreed with your healthcare providers .

This site, and its members, accept no responsibility for any injury or illness that may be caused, or advanced, by acting on the information and discussion contained on this forum.

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