first off this is a joke thread.

Okay I'm getting a bit tired of people who are ignorant of kickboxing (no offense to them I know it's not their fault) when they ask me "what belt are you in kickboxing?"

so I've decided as a joke to create a ranking system based on terminology I'd see in a rocky movie or something so I will have something to respond to these questions with. I know, I have to much time on my hands . I'd like to hear what you think, it's based on beginner to advanced levels

1st level: Bum
2nd level: Chump
3rd level: Punk
4th level: Wannabe
5th level: Amatuer
6th level: Proffesional
7th level: Champ

of course if someone asked what level I was at I probably wouldn't say I was a Punk.....Hmmm.....

Open for suggestion.