yup, lion dance isn't restricted to the martial artists anymore..just about everyone does it from common people, to kungfu people, to acrobats and gymnists, to whatever. There has to be someone to do the lion dance otherwise the village is never going to get any fortune or blessings. The people need to their new years so kung fu or not there will be a lion dance..or unicorn dance..or dragon dance...depends on where you're from.

Lions and Dragons are pretty much common to everywhere. Though northern lions (the gold fluffy, dog like ones) are not generally used for scarying away spirits, more like entertaining the emperor. So villages in "northern" areas (meaning non-Canton) would most likely have a dragon, though that is not always the case since Lion dancing has been around for a looooong time and has had lots of time to spread out. So a village would have either a dragon or a lion or both!

Unicorns are more common in places where Hakka people live. Hakka people are one of the many different ethnic groups in China. Kungfu arts such as Southern Mantis, Dragon, and Bak Mei come from them. A Unicorn is considered one of the mystical lucky animals along with the dragon, lion, tortoise??, and I think a few more. Its just that Hakka hold the Unicorn in higher perspective and so the Unicorn dance came to be. I dont know too much about it though, besides the fact that it has more Hakka like stances, its 1 person, and the music is different.