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#256091 - 05/20/06 12:47 PM Too much padding
BrianS Offline
Higher rank than you
Professional Poster

Registered: 11/04/05
Posts: 5959
Loc: Northwest Arkansas
I was curious as to what types of sparing gear all you TKDer's wear. Also include the range of sparring and how intense it may get.
thank you
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#256092 - 05/20/06 01:10 PM Re: Too much padding [Re: BrianS]
ChronicGMV Offline

Registered: 05/12/06
Posts: 96
Loc: Miami, Florida
Chest protector, instep guard, shin protector, forearm protector, groin protector, mouth piece and the head gear.

But then, I've seen Taekwondo schools who spar like my Karate school. With the MA gloves, head gear, shin, and foot guard with the mouth piece.

Sparring inside the dojo itself has never really gotten "intense (if by intense, you mean awesome fight)," but at the tournaments, it's quite entertaining. I've no experience with the WTF tournaments, so I have no say on that. In my dojang, they have no contact sparring (really sucks, in my opinion because I don't see how that'll be effective in actual combat since it's not realistic enough), then there's sparring where you actually tell your opponent what you're gonna do, then, of course, you have the norm. type sparring where you just get in there and go at it.

#256093 - 05/20/06 03:59 PM Re: Too much padding [Re: ChronicGMV]
Foundation Offline

Registered: 03/21/05
Posts: 343
Chest protector and groin protector. At official (or semi official) events helmet, mouthpiece and shin/forearm guards as well. Instep guards are prohibited and I don't know about gloves, haven't seen anyone with them yet.
We don't usually wear helmets, since it's really rare for anyone to kick to the head (and even more rare for one of those to connect).

#256094 - 05/20/06 04:17 PM Re: Too much padding [Re: BrianS]
Supremor Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 07/22/04
Posts: 2510
Loc: UK
At my ITF school we wear:

Gloves (not weighted!!)
Foot protecters(just for the instep)
Groin protector.

And that's it. This is the norm in most British ITF schools I believe, although a few people also wear shin protectors, and some of the guys wear mouth guards for when they want to have a bit of a brawl I think the protection we wear is pretty much comparable with any kickboxing club, indeed, the gear is normally bought off kickboxing suppliers.

Intensity can get pretty intense among the senior males. We don't mind hitting each other, or knocking somone down, as long as it is not done to actually injure anyone and there is no "roid rage." The range is kicking range normally, then short bursts in punching range. Usually after a few punches are scored, both sides back off. It's all done with respect for who you're sparring and how much contact they are happy with- we don't just beatpeople up!

Edited by Supremor (05/20/06 04:50 PM)

#256095 - 05/20/06 06:17 PM Re: Too much padding [Re: BrianS]
gregc618 Offline

Registered: 02/22/06
Posts: 193
Loc: Illinois, USA

I was curious as to what types of sparing gear all you TKDer's wear. Also include the range of sparring and how intense it may get.

thank you

Hogu, Helmet, Shin/Instep protectors, Groin protector (I even got one for my daughter since when they get kicked low it hurts females as well...Yes the make them for girls!), Forearm/hand protectors, Mouth Guard is the standard for my school when sparing.

Tournaments are a different affair! The req'ed minimum for most is only Helmet, Groin and Mouth Guards, but most competitors always wear more protective gear. While its supposed to be light contact/cntrled sparring, most really pour on the juice when kicking or punching. So the pads do help alot in keeping you from worrying that you might catch a hot kick in the ribs or stomach.

Last tourney there were 2 young blk belts sparring (like age 10-12), and one does a spin hook kick which caught this other kid in the face/mouth (not so much control on his part, and he got warned for hte contact to the front of the head/face). He had forgot to put his mouth gaurd in, so control judge stopped the fight to get his mouth piece in. I have to give it to him he got whacked pretty hard, and still went on to finish fighting.

Of course the adult black belt get alot more leeway then lower ranks, so they are allowed more contact to the head, since they tend to use alot less punching at tournaments. Mostly the BLACK BELTS just KICK each other SILLY.
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#256096 - 05/20/06 07:06 PM Re: Too much padding [Re: BrianS]
Dereck Offline

Registered: 10/04/04
Posts: 10416
Loc: Great White North
We wear head gear, chest protector, groin protector, forearm pads and shin pads (mouth guards optional unless competing). The head gear and the chest protectors look similar to these ( ) There are different variations of forearm and shin pads but they are a light foam covered either in a sturdy cloth or foam dipped.

Sparring ... very intense. I've knocked people almost out with roundhouses to their solar plex. I've gulped for breath after taking a back kick to my stomach. My Instructor has had a rib broke during competition as well as breaking others and I believe a spleen. I was knocked on my butt after my tooth went through my bottom lip from turning into a roundhouse kick to my head. I've seen and know of people being knocked out from head shots. Blair, one of our older blackbelts (early 50's), competed in his 40's and his leg collided with his opponents and broke his leg. My legs have been battered and bruised, my forearms have ached and during my first tournament after using a block and punch, taking a kick right to my hand, my hand swelled up to the size of a grapefruit due to a bone bruise (swelling between the bone and a filament that covers it).

In class we are not suppose to kill each other but there is certain people such as myself and others that have a common agreement to not hold back and go all out. Earlier we were asked to take it easy but now that we have been there for so long it is expected. During any of my tests if during my sparring I go all out with who ever go up against, whether I meant it or not, my punishment is to immediately spar again without a break; exhaustion be damned.

Of course I am the furtherst from the best sparring and I actually would put myself in the middle of the pack as there are far better people then I am. I don't compete with the exception in class, though I have sort of stayed away due to my torn ACL as pivoting on that leg kills. So of course my skills have obviously gone down ... but I put most of my effort into grappling. Now when we do stand up to take down then I will put myself in the top of the class. I may not be able to kick with the best of them under Olympic rules, but when the ground becomes part of the game then we are playing in my area of comfort and that is where we will "always" end up.

Do all people train hard ... no, you only train to your comfort level. Heck I suck wind for sparring many times; too many times and have had to curb it back some. Does this equipment protect you ... a little but not a lot. Drills besides sparring wearing this stuff, usually before we spar, we thunder each other ... again for those of us with that agreement. Our goal is to make the other grunt and groin loudly or verbally ask to ease it up. Those of us that do that usually don't like to do this but there will be times where we will get the looks from others or will be instructed to tone it down a little ... so when we do it we try to hold on to how loud we are so as not to draw too much attention. However many people don't want to work in with us. Can't figure out for the life of me why not.

#256097 - 05/20/06 08:40 PM Re: Too much padding [Re: BrianS]
TeK9 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 12/22/05
Posts: 2257
Loc: Northern California, USA
LOL BrianS, can you believe these wimps.. what a binch of girly men muhahaha.

At my school we are so hardcore we don't even wear uniforms. Thats right the men go bear chested and the woman fight in bikini's, no wimps here, we laugh at those who wear mouth peices. We eat our own teeth for dinner. hmmm love that extra marrow in our diet. Whoops here I go again reporting one of my bad dreams, you know the kind when your getting your butt handed to you by some girl.

At my school we wear all the above, the WTF gear is usually light weight, meaning the foam is thin. Thin enough to stop skin from tearing and bleeding but not enough to prevent bruising or broken bones.
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#256098 - 05/20/06 09:51 PM Re: Too much padding [Re: TeK9]
tkd_high_green Offline

Registered: 05/16/05
Posts: 1031
Loc: Vermont
We use the usual foam padded gear, helmets , chest protector, hands, feet, shin guards and mouth guard, and a cup for the guys. I personally can't stand wearing the chest protector because it just plain gets in the way. I can't kick nearly as high, and I feel like the pilsbury dough boy in it. And I feel like I'm wearing Ronald McDonald shoes with the feet gear. (did you know they are selling a martial arts bunny with the happy meals right now?) anyway...

We usually do light to medium contact sparing.


#256099 - 05/20/06 10:57 PM Re: Too much padding [Re: TeK9]
Eric4444 Offline

Registered: 06/06/05
Posts: 430
Derek, you don't know how much fun that sounds to me.
One of the reasons I quite my school is because we were forced to wear a chest protector, gloves, head gear, instep pads, etc. Yet if our kick produced any "noise" then we were going to hard and would get yelled at to "take it easy."
To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill." ~ Sun Tzu ~

#256100 - 05/21/06 12:07 AM Re: Too much padding [Re: BrianS]
AkhilleusWeeps Offline

Registered: 04/11/05
Posts: 214
Loc: Tx
The only thing really required is gloves, but the norm for me and about 3 other regulars is feet protectors, gloves, and headgear.

If I'm sparring with another adult we usually go full blast, the only time we try to hold back and do "light" stuff is when a person is new to sparring.

The only places we discourage hitting are legs/groin, unless ofcourse we're wearing shin guards then it's all go xcept for groin ofcourse hehe.

Feels like kickboxing alot of the time, which is great because i'd eventually like to enter a sandan/daido juko type of tournament.
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