" On February 7, 1981 Tokimune presented Daito-ryu at a major public demonstration of classical martial arts that was broadcast on Japanese national television. This demonstration included tachiai rokunin zume (pinning six opponents attempting to hold him from a standing position) and newaza kyunin nage (throwing nine opponents attempting to pin him on his back to the ground); thus, the techniques of Daito-ryu and his own skill in executing them immediately gained the attention of the Japanese budo world. "

has anyone seen this ? do you regard this as realistic ? is it normal for an exponent to do something like that or is this person a freak ?

Im aware of a lot of people switching from aikido to systema because they simply couldnt get it to work in a real fight but many feel systema has captured what aikido was originally about. Just checking if peoples experience of daito-ryu pro's is typical of the above

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