I am not a competitive person by nature, or usually by practice, but lately I have been feeling the overwhelming compulsion to sign myself up for at least one event, just to see how it goes. I'm not a greenhorn, but I haven't been in enough actual fights, sporting or real, to consider myself "serious". I guess this is what hanging out in a kickboxing/jiu jitsu gym for the last year has done to my mentality. Back in seattle (I was taking JKD) competing never entered my head as I swore to myself it was SD ONLY. I've been sparring a lot lately though and there is this nag in my gut to push it to the next level, if only once. That being said, I want to ask if anyone can recommend organizations in the chicago area to get started in. I'm 140 lbs, 5'7 and 29 years old, if that makes any difference. I have been looking into the IKF as a place to start, but I kind of want to go somewhere where I know there will be a good number of other inexperienced people
I would like to try San Shou, but after reading the rules I thought maybe I should give straight amatuer kickboxing a whirl first. SS seems pretty complicated, but the proposition of throws gets me pumped. Anyway, just looking for some feedback.


...and I'm not even gonna ask if I'm too old.