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Anybody here involved in WW2 Based Combatives?
by GF54
04/18/17 10:42 PM
Shotokan vs Shito Ryu
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#245981 - 04/15/06 10:28 PM Re: challenged and won! [Re: MattJ]
DaDoN_1 Offline
twinkle toes

Registered: 06/13/05
Posts: 242
wow....yall find anyway 2 try 2 mess someone up,'s np..i guess i CAN'T understand...atleast i learnt a bit from this forum...pz out all, i'm sorry if i'm better than alot of u..i'm sorry as hell i trained 4 times a week 2 get 2 where i am, i'm sorry yall sound a bit jealous..i'm sorry yall might not have experienced such success....i'm skill?...i may sound swell's confidence..i won't check this thread...far less for this forum...yall are too...ALL KNOWING for me...

#245982 - 04/16/06 12:06 AM Re: challenged and won! [Re: DaDoN_1]
Dudley32 Offline
master of disaster

Registered: 10/25/05
Posts: 482
Loc: Indiana
No offence, but you admitted that you are small and trying to prove something. Now you claim you are better than most of the people on the forum... Because you train 4 times a week??? You have to be kidding. For all we know you train for 15min 4 times a week.

Yes we should all just admit, We wish we could go around bugging instructors and asking people to fight (which last time I checked is the exact opposite of what martial arts is) Then go onto a forum and expect people to bow to us because we one ONE fight. Woo hoo!

Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect Practice makes perfect.

#245983 - 04/16/06 12:24 AM Re: challenged and won! [Re: DaDoN_1]
oldman Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 07/28/04
Posts: 5884
I m glat that u lernt a bit from the Form. there r alot of smert peopel her that pertind to B dum sew udder poepel will b juellus.U r rite last nite I had troubel fallinass leap becus I haed so manny new ideas bout how 2mes poepel up! I'm like a genuis at it.

#245984 - 04/16/06 08:07 AM Re: challenged and won! [Re: oldman]
DaDoN_1 Offline
twinkle toes

Registered: 06/13/05
Posts: 242
drunk when u made that post or something?.or tryin 2 make a mockery? so much for havin confidence without being cocky, thin line eh? think i crossed?..or am too near?..if u say so..maybe i am,but it seems like everyone with a good story yall think they are "VTG"..and u know what?.as i said b4..i didn't know who i was goin 2 fight, they picked 2 biggest guy...not me, something 2 prove? i said..not really, i just wanted 2 test myself.....i see vids of american and
european MA practitioners..aside of all ur flips and crap like that..i'm not sayin that ALL of them are like that..but those who claim that they are sooo good..y is it..that those who do all those flips are hardly ever in a ring?? i personally..have never met a good fighter,i really mean NO disrespect...but i really do think our level is higher..i know that..anywhere we go..we win..and win ALOT, we train and work hard for it, so when i win..i can afford 2 say what i went through 2 earn my medals and trophies, speaking of which...remember..i'm just a blue belt..but i've actually started 2 teach a self defence class(seein as i love that) after i was given the "ok" off course..

that may sound weird to alot of yall.

#245985 - 04/16/06 09:32 AM Re: challenged and won! [Re: DaDoN_1]
Joss Offline

Registered: 01/18/06
Posts: 567

You've missed the whole point.

Your thread's title should have been "Challenged and Lost". The most important challenge was to your humility. Your contest was with your ego. And your ego whipped your a$$. Obviously your MA skill is fine. It's that ego that need a lot of work. Good luck with it.

PS: All oldman did was show you how little fun it is to read your "cute" writing "style". He nailed it and you didn't like it. When you grow up, maybe punctuation and grammar will come with it.

#245986 - 04/16/06 10:22 AM Re: challenged and won! [Re: DaDoN_1]
gojuwarrior1 Offline
tougher than you

Registered: 12/24/02
Posts: 1178
Loc: East Coast, USA
Jealous? I have been in a few situations like that... But you don't see me running to the computer to boast myself! You obviously have a lot to prove friend .
I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. 2 Tim. 4:7

#245987 - 04/16/06 06:42 PM Re: challenged and won! [Re: gojuwarrior1]
Crazy_Eyes Offline

Registered: 05/12/05
Posts: 65
Loc: British Columbia Canada
Wow, I really hope your character changes up a bit before, and if you ever get to black belt, and if you already are one...I feel embarassed, but lets start with small steps first, like learning how to type, thats a good one to begin with. 2nd question, what if you asked for a challenge and the guy was massive and outskilled you? You wouldn't be here talking big, you'd be at home crying over how disrespectful you are, and how much that @$$ kicking really hurt. I just dont understand some people.
-2nd Degree Black Belt (WTF)

#245988 - 04/17/06 01:54 AM Re: challenged and won! [Re: oldman]
JamesLightningBolton Offline

Registered: 04/18/05
Posts: 77
Loc: Victoria Australia
Hahahaha. Oldman! Haha, I don't post much on here anymore but my gosh, that was funny.

Dadon... Do you cover knife attacks, chair attacks, hair pulling, rape scenarios. Or anything like that in your self defence class?

#245989 - 04/17/06 01:11 PM Re: challenged and won! [Re: McSensei]
MattJ Offline
Free Rhinoplasty!

Registered: 11/25/04
Posts: 15634
Loc: York PA. USA
Quote by McSensei -


Sorry Matt, but this whole thread has been too hilarious to lock down just yet.

I agree, good job!
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin

#245990 - 04/17/06 05:08 PM Re: challenged and won! [Re: Crazy_Eyes]
DaDoN_1 Offline
twinkle toes

Registered: 06/13/05
Posts: 242
oh my....seems like i need 2 speak properly in order 2 get in around here??..oh please...i speak my dialect when i feel, and i type it, no matter what yall think really..and YES i can cover knife attacks...and yes i can cover choke holds etc...i dunno..maybe ur under ranks are [censored] as hell, what can i say...i train hard and i try my best, we're not the every day MA school where gears must be worn 2 spar etc..we rarely use them..only for the kids or for tournaments etc, it'd really be great 2 see some of u ppl, it really would so i can get rid of this VTG crap, i just like hanging around these forums cause i may learn a bit more about the history, i really don't know much about that, i can't say what grand master developed what and so on, not that i NEED 2 know, but it's nice to know

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