Well, now that I've had some time to cool off and think rationally, I'm seeing things from a better perspective. Thank you all so much for oyur input and advice, it's much appreciated. You're all right about the situation. This is something that I need to just move on from, and get over. And I have to realize the fact that there are plenty of good girls out htere for me, and that I just need to hurry up and wait. And Dereck, your very right about the girls being "out there" and I need to get"out there." I've been stuck in a very small and compact group or clique for a long time and I really need to branch out.
Anywya, according to this girl, this isn't going to be an ongoing thing with bthis guy and she says she feels really bad about it and feels bad for me. And apparently she wouldn't do something like that with me because she cares too much about me. So, she is a good friend, but that's the thing, she only sees me as a friend, or a brother. And that's just something I need to accept. It sucks that she kinda screwd with my feelinjgs a bit, but I'll live.
thanks again everyone, it means a lot, to have guys there for me in this.
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