i've recently moved from Scotland to France.I was at intermediate level in a Korean MA system which is considered a "complete"MA.Now here in France this MA is not available.there are afew MA schools here and i'am keen to join the Shaolin Kung Fu school that is here.The problem is that the classes break for every school holiday like 2 months in summer.Also the MA i was doing was excellent,great range of kicks,strikes,locks,weapons etc and the classes were almost constant (3 times a week) throughout the year.Shaolin appeals to me the most out of the MA's that are available here but i know that i'll be comparing the way the classes are taken and i would be pretty gutted if this Shaolin class was taught by someone who maybe isn't that qualified.How can you know if the instructor is qualified?The previous MA i done was is very tightly controlled and that gives a sense of secuirity to those who practice it.Does Shaolin kung Fu have a federation(s)?