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#241125 - 09/27/06 03:59 PM Re: Fearless (Huo Yuanjia) [Re: crablord]
Dereck Offline

Registered: 10/04/04
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I don't remember meeting you.

#241126 - 09/27/06 06:27 PM Re: Fearless (Huo Yuanjia) [Re: Ayub]
medulanet Offline
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Registered: 09/03/03
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I haven't seen this movie yet, although I plan to. However, according to this he never really fought any foreigner fighters except for punching some Judo guys in the hands. It seems this movie is VERY LOOSELY based on reality. Or did he not fight any foreigner fighters in the movie?

#241127 - 10/01/06 03:52 PM Re: Fearless (Huo Yuanjia) [Re: medulanet]
pepto_bismol Offline
infinite kudos

Registered: 03/04/06
Posts: 480
a lot of the movie can be seen on youtube

the first clip is at
when you finish that one just click on the users name and you can see the parts after that one.
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#241128 - 10/02/06 10:48 PM Re: Fearless (Huo Yuanjia) [Re: crablord]
Eric4444 Offline

Registered: 06/06/05
Posts: 430

I thought fearless was great.. I was hoping like christ it wouldnt be like hero..i mean seriously....WTF IS UP WITH THAT LAKE SCENE!?!!?? or the flying in midair for 20 minutes during a fight?? WTF!?? But anyway 9/10 for fearless. Ive met that big strong dude in real life too.

I sorta feel sorry that you don't get it.
To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill." ~ Sun Tzu ~

#241129 - 10/03/06 08:21 PM Re: Fearless (Huo Yuanjia) [Re: Eric4444]
Mr_Heretik Offline

Registered: 05/20/05
Posts: 1074
Loc: Bronx NY, USA
I second that.

#241130 - 10/03/06 11:32 PM Re: Fearless (Huo Yuanjia) [Re: Eric4444]
Taison Offline
The Forum Dragon
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Registered: 09/06/05
Posts: 3629
Loc: BKK, Thailand

Are you talking about the movie "hero"? Cuz when I think about it, and after watching it again. . there's no lake scene nor any flying in the air.

Methinks, you're on the wrong movie. The one you're talking about is "Hero", while the one we're talking about is "Huo Yuan Jia" aka "Fearless".

Good luck mate,

-Taison out
I got two fists.. Don't make me use my head as well!

#241131 - 10/04/06 10:27 PM Re: Fearless (Huo Yuanjia) [Re: medulanet]
Ayub Offline
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Registered: 11/26/04
Posts: 825
Loc: London, UK

I haven't seen this movie yet, although I plan to. However, according to this he never really fought any foreigner fighters except for punching some Judo guys in the hands. It seems this movie is VERY LOOSELY based on reality. Or did he not fight any foreigner fighters in the movie?

Well apparantly he really fight any foreign fighters but he did take up the challenges set by foreign fighters and then they never showed up at the time of the fight. In this way he become somewhat of a hero to the Chinese people.

The film is based very loosely on Huo Yuanjia, his descendants even went as far as sueing the film makers for inaccuracies in the script.
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#241132 - 10/08/06 03:13 AM Re: Fearless (Huo Yuanjia) [Re: Ayub]
Rumble Offline

Registered: 05/20/05
Posts: 92
[censored] in my opinion this was one of Jets best movies. I also heard a rumour about Jett teaming up with Jackie chan for his next action film.
Talk is cheap take it to the pit.

#241133 - 08/03/08 12:15 AM Re: Fearless (Huo Yuanjia) [Re: medulanet]
Ginkgo_Baloba Offline

Registered: 07/28/08
Posts: 13
may be of interest:


A Brief History of Huo Yuanjia’s Life and Times
For centuries, China was a leading civilization, easily outpacing the rest of the
world in the arts and sciences. But times and circumstances changed, and by
the time Huo Yuanjia journeyed to Shanghai in 1910, China had become
wracked by civil unrest. The citizens’ spirits were worn down by a lengthy
period of military defeats and foreign occupation.
70 years prior, the first Opium War began and, for the first time in its history,
China found itself militarily and strategically outclassed by foreigners. As a
result of the Treaty of Nanjing, the country was forced to open up its ports to
European traders and settlers and the opium trade started to flourish. This
beginning of the era which Chinese historians refer to as “the time of unequal
treaties” marked a time of unprecedented degradation for China and its
people. Japan’s victory during the Sino&#8208;Japanese War further sapped the
national morale in “the Weak Man of the East.”
It was in this humbling context that Huo, in 1909, founded a martial arts
school, the Jingwu Sports Federation (the motto of which is “Body, Mind and
Soul”). Jingwu introduced gymnastics training into its curriculum, and other
schools followed suit. The school also encouraged cooperation, selfimprovement,
and national pride.
Huo had been born circa 1868 into a Wushu (the general Chinese&#8208;language
term for martial arts) master’s family, in Dongguang County (south of Tianjin). His father made a living working as a bodyguard for wealthy people.
As a child, Huo was weak and often ill; his father therefore decided not to
teach Huo martial arts. But the boy was determined to learn and master
martial arts. Daily, he would watch his father and brothers practice Wushu
and then mimic their moves in secret, in a forest of date trees. Taking note of
Huo’s determination, his father reconsidered and began to teach him martial arts. Huo learned the family’s
own fighting style as well as the essentials of other schools of fighting.
In 1890, a visiting Wushu master engaged in trials of strength with Huo’s
family members. The master, Du, defeated Huo’s brothers. But Huo, with one
swift kick, knocked the man flat. Word of this victory spread through Huo’s
village and the neighboring regions.
In 1901, Huo was present at a public match where a Russian fighter verbally
insulted the Chinese people. Hearing this, Huo mounted the platform and
reprimanded the man. Cowed by Huo’s bravery, the fighter apologized.
In the spring of 1909, a British fighter named O’Brien came to Shanghai and
announced that he would take on any Chinese contenders. Huo accepted the
challenge, and also let it be known that he in turn would fight any foreign
fighters. O’Brien left Shanghai before Huo could fight him. This rout greatly
enhanced the Chinese people’s morale, and Huo was spurred to found Jingwu
to advance healthy body and spirit for a healthier nation. He taught as the
main coach at the school.
Huo’s life was cut short on September 14th, 1910, during the Shanghai
tournament that would secure his place in Chinese history. Differing theories
as to the specifics of his untimely death abound. The two most prevalent ones
are that he was poisoned at a peace&#8208;making banquet given by the Japanese
Judo wrestlers; or that he was poisoned with jaundice medication prescribed
by a Japanese doctor who was also a teacher of the tournament’s Judo
competitors, and who fled Shanghai upon news of Huo’s death.
The man was gone, but his legacy was already taking hold; in shoring up
China’s strength and spirit, Huo had inspired and unified an entire nation.
Long revered in China as a hero and patriot, Huo’s discoveries and teachings
continue to transform lives (as the Jingwu Sports Federation has branches in
over 50 countries) and convey the soul of martial arts.

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