Hi all,

I posted this in the TKD forum, and didn't get one person that had any info in there. I only now just now realized that it should of probably been posted here instead.

Here what I'm looking for:

I'm interested in jang tan-do (sai in japanese) but find that there are very few informational source here on the net regarding techniques, forms, history, etc. that are structured around TKD. I find plenty of Karate related uses of these weapons, but really found it interesting that TKD (Korean) practitioners aren't able to find much.

Do any of you have any sources that you wouldn't mind sharing? I'd like to compare the Japanese VS Korean implementation of these daggers as weapons along with any info on Korean-based forms using the daggers. I would also like information concerning their adaptation by each culture. Lastly, any history pertaining to jang tan do that anyone has would be welcome. I can't seem to find anything short of say 2-3 small reference articles.

Thanks much in advance.
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