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#238099 - 03/12/06 05:14 PM UPDATED - Acts Of Violence Summary
shoshinkan Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 2662
Loc: UK
Hi All,

Promted by the wrist grab thread, below are the accepted top 10 acts of violence in the UK, taken from police figures (male on male). There are a load of notes that go with it, but I am just going to list them and put a short summary after,

Hope it is of help with anyone looking to have a good realistic self defence aspect to their art -

1. attacker pushes, defender pushes back, attacker throws a swinging punch to the head

2. a swinging punch to the head

3. a front clothing grab, one handed, followed by punch to head

4. 2 handed front clothing grab, followed by headbutt

5. 2 handed front clothing grab followed by knee to groin

6. bottle, glass or ashtray to the head, swinging

7. a lashing kick to groin/lower legs

8. a bottle,glass jabbed to face

9. a slash with a knife, usually 3-4 inch lockblade or kitchen knife

10. a grappling style headlock

most of our self defence training should be against a swinging punch to the head, the top 2 spots.

85% of people lead with a right handed punch, train accordingly.

3,4,5 are grabs, you got your distance wrong, ignore grab and attack.

6,8,9 are weapons, 3/10 top attacks are with weapons - shocking reality.

7. against a kick angle in or out to attack, do not go back or the following punch will get you

10. headlock, back or side is very common if the initial attack fails.

In my dojo we also train 3 'grappling' situations -

a. front rugby tackle attack, the shoot

b. having been knockdown, attacker straddles and pounds

c. having been knocked down, attacker kicks to face and body

This info is a combination of 'others' certain theorys and reports and my own expierience and is shared in the spirit of budo. please dont sue me!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments

Edited by MattJ (03/20/06 05:23 PM)
Jim Neeter

#238100 - 03/13/06 09:25 AM Re: Acts Of Violence Summary [Re: shoshinkan]
AuntiePink Offline

Registered: 02/16/06
Posts: 12
Loc: Essex, UK
Any male on female figures to go with those, hun?
[censored], lover, martial artist, mother. You wouldn't want me any other way

#238101 - 03/13/06 01:53 PM Re: Acts Of Violence Summary [Re: shoshinkan]
Ed_Morris Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 11/04/05
Posts: 6772
thats a nice reference Sho...thanks! It would be interesting to see how similar the stats are for other countries. I'll try and find the U.S. one.

#238102 - 03/13/06 05:59 PM Re: Acts Of Violence Summary [Re: shoshinkan]
McSensei Offline

Registered: 06/15/05
Posts: 1069
Loc: Kent, England
I've got a copy of the figures Europe wide somewhere and if I'm not mistaken they are exactly the same as for the UK.

#238103 - 03/14/06 12:04 AM Re: Acts Of Violence Summary [Re: shoshinkan]
Ed_Morris Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 11/04/05
Posts: 6772
Here is the list of HAPV from an early list by Patrick McCarthy, all credit being his:

1. Swinging punches
2. Straight punches
3. Downward strikes
4. Upward strikes
5. Swinging kicks
6. Straight kicks & knee strikes
7. Head-butt/spitting
8. Biting
9. Testicle squeeze
10. Augmented foot/leg trips
11. Single/double-hand hair pull from the front/rear
12. Single/double-hand choke from the front/rear
13. Front neck choke from rear
14. Classical head-lock
15. Front, bent-over, augmented choke (neck-hold)
16. Half/full-nelson
17. Rear over-arm bearhug (& side variation)
18. Rear under-arm bearhug (& side variation)
19. Front over-arm bearhug (& side variation)
20. Front under-arm bearhug (& side variation)
21. Front/rear tackle
22. One-handed wrist grab (same & opposite sides-normal/reversed)
23. Two-handed wrist grabs (normal/reversed)
24. Both wrists seized from the front/rear
25. Both arms seized from the front/rear
26. Single/double shoulder grab from front/rear
27. Arm-lock (behind the back)
28. Front arm-bar (triceps tendon fulcrum up supported by wrist)
29. Side arm-bar (triceps tendon fulcrum down supported by wrist)
30. Single/double lapel grab
31. Single/double-hand shove
32. Garment pulled over the head
33. Seized & impact
34. Single/double leg/ankle grab from the front (side/rear)
35. Ground straddle
36. Attacked (kicked/struck) while down

#238104 - 03/14/06 12:35 AM Re: Acts Of Violence Summary [Re: Ed_Morris]
eyrie Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 12/28/04
Posts: 3106
Loc: QLD, Australia
Are these in any particular order?

I see single and double handed wrist grabs are pretty low on the list, as is lapel grabs.

#238105 - 03/14/06 07:38 AM Re: Acts Of Violence Summary [Re: eyrie]
Ed_Morris Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 11/04/05
Posts: 6772
are you trying to be funny? j/k

I clipped this from another site...I haven't verified it. not sure what the order represents or which demographic this is for. I'll check into it....

#238106 - 03/14/06 07:34 PM Re: Acts Of Violence Summary [Re: AuntiePink]
shoshinkan Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 2662
Loc: UK
Unfortunatly not, however I will go on a quest to find them!
Jim Neeter

#238107 - 03/14/06 07:38 PM Re: Acts Of Violence Summary [Re: Ed_Morris]
shoshinkan Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 2662
Loc: UK
Of course Pat McCarthys HAPV is a most solid reference for this kind of thing.

What I have done is cross referenced HAPV, with detail provided by Ian Abernathy Sensei (the UK stats/descriptions), details / expierience with one of my karate Seniors, my own expierience on the street and a big slice of common sense. however the ones listed are in order of most likely, giving us a good short course for physical self defence.

And of course its male on male, so one can assume a lot of after closing time action is involved.........
Jim Neeter

#238108 - 03/20/06 10:09 AM Re: Acts Of Violence Summary [Re: AuntiePink]
shoshinkan Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 2662
Loc: UK
Some more info hot of the press, i havent worked this stuff yet or cross referenced it -

Offences against the person, male on female
These are listed in frequency order.
This data was gathered from interviews with victims and offenders and from statements. Data only covers robbery/sexual methodology and changes relative to first contact with victim ie., venue/ night/day etc.
Domestic violence is not covered as this is a specific subject of its' own.

1. The victim was approached from the rear/side/front, a threat was made with a weapon, and then the weapon was hidden. Then the victim's right upper arm was held by the attacker's left hand and the victim was led away.

2. A silent or rushing approach was made from the victim's rear, and then a rear neck/head lock applied and the victim dragged away.

3. The same approach as in #2, with a rear waist grab. The victim was carried/dragged away, normally into bushes/alley etc.

4. The victim was pinned to a wall with a throat grab with the attacker's left hand. A weapon-shown threat was made, and then the weapon hidden, and the victim led away.

5. The victim was approached from rear/ front/side. The attacker grabbed the victim's hair with his left hand, and then she was dragged away.

The Most Common Wrist Grips, Male On Female.

1. The attacker's left hand, thumb uppermost, gripping the victim's raised right wrist. The attacker threatens/ gesticulates with his right hand.

2. With the victim's right arm down, the attacker grips the victim's right upper arm with his left hand and her right wrist with his right hand.

3. The victim raises both arms, with both of her wrists gripped. The attacker's hands are vertical with the attacker's thumbs uppermost.

4. With the victim's arms down, the attacker grabs both upper arms.

5. With the victim's right arm down, the attacker's left hand grabs just below the right elbow, and his right hand grabs her wrist.

A fact worth mentioning at this point is that research shows that women who violently resist, whether the attack is successful or not, cope with the aftershock and trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) better than those who go quietly and hope they won't be hurt. Very few who do resist get badly battered or cut.

Research/profiling seems to indicate that if an attacker is likely to batter or stab, it will happen whether resistance is given or not.

all given in the name of budo, its frightening stuff but reality in the small % of 'incidents'.
Jim Neeter

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