Ok, to all you persistent martial artists out there. Before going on to conditioning let me ask you;

Why do you want to condition? Unless you're going professional, I don't see the need to condition anything. The best conditioning you can do is just work on the bag and with a sparring partner using pads and then a little full contact every now and then.

Ok, I hijacked the thread, but it's kinda odd that everyone except me wants to condition. I find it boring, slow and just a waste of my time when I could just go onto the bag. I mean, there's more conditioning if you can kick the bag for 30 minutes constantly than rolling a pipe on your leg for the same amount of time AND by kicking the bag you'll be conditioning the right part of your leg e.i. the part that makes contact. Condition elsewhere it's just a waste of time. Let me ask you again, would I ever kick you on the knee with my instep? If it's a sidekick, no matter how good the conditioning, you're knee's are GONE.

-Taison out
Hey, this is a good topic to discuss. . . ok, let me post it there as well.
I got two fists.. Don't make me use my head as well!