So basically everything that your mom told you (ok my mom too) about "eating your vegetables and fruit is correct. I found out that after i was diagnosed with ADHD that caffiene and salt made things very difficult on me. Now i'm not saying that i don't have my bouts of "OMG i want a snickers" becuase i do, i just don't allow very many of them in my diet. (the cravings for them pretty much have gone away except about once a month.) I also lost close to 4 lbs when i stopped drinking soda, caffiene free too. (the syrup and carbination used in soda is very hard for your body to process and the carbination is see as a toxin and has to be processed by the liver. Crazy stuff i found out.) I don't drink tea, coffee, hot cocoa or any energy drink either...makes the body too hyped up then it stores the bad stuff to mantain control while it calms down.

The 5-6 meals works great becuase then your body knows it's going to get constant nurishment and won't hold on to the junk you try to burn just to make it to the next meal. But i also think that a great diet is listening to what your body wants and what it processes easily and effectively. Don't skimp on the occasional craving because then the body tends to gourge when the opportunity arises.
One only regrets what he missed or cannot accept.