Just for everyone into different weapons and fighting styles, here's a link to the TV clip they made about our international jousting tourney that we ran a couple of weeks ago

Great Lake Tourney click the "jousting knights" link under the picture of the woman.

and a link to my photo album
Great Lake Tourney album

One "rather eccentric" guy who featured on the TV clip actually got members of the crowd to pay him $3 and hit him with his own sword... by the end of the day he'd made a lot of money but didnt have that many bruises to show for it!

there were lots of battles and other merriment to keep the crowd entertained, plus an array of interesting weaponry including throwing axes, polearms and a host of other machinery that the other re-enactment groups brought along.

We had several members trying out a cavalry vs the foot warrior and impaling him on a lance or shooting him with arrows, which was very entertaining!

**diclaimer** No horses were injured during the running of this tourney, however one jouster got a broken thumb during practice and another suffered severe bruising to a very sensitive area.
Sword maiden