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#224616 - 01/23/06 02:00 PM Re: My Girlfriend/dojo tale [Re: JasonM]
Kysogkram Offline

Registered: 01/01/06
Posts: 137
Loc: Denmark
You do make a very good point about the walls

However I'm gonna maintain that the way her behaviour was described, it would to me, clearly indicate a lack of interest and openness.

I'm well aware that you can cross your arms and not be defensive, and there are exceptions to any rule. Eg. you can cross your arms, lean forward and have an interested look on your face. However I can't recall seeing anyone leaning back with crossed arms while they were endlessly excited because of what was being presented to them.

Of course I cannot know for sure what her intention was, but I feel pretty certain that most people who saw her, would be led to the same conclusion as I.

harlan: I guess the topic of the thread is for people to tell stories of their significant other embarassing them at the dojo. However since there doesn't seem to be that many stories we're instead discussing the story I guess

#224617 - 01/23/06 04:10 PM Re: My Girlfriend/dojo tale [Re: Salek]
Dudley32 Offline
master of disaster

Registered: 10/25/05
Posts: 482
Loc: Indiana
I noticed something as I read your Post... The word ex. Could this whole post be some way of getting back at your previous girlfriend some way? Making her sound like a complete idiot by leaning on a wall? Not to mention on a PUBLIC chat site.

I think this whole topic is silly. She obviously did not know the rules, how could she? To go and make a post about it on a public chat room I think is foolish and immature.

Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect Practice makes perfect.

#224618 - 01/23/06 09:13 PM Re: My Girlfriend/dojo tale [Re: Dudley32]
Mu Ryuk Offline

Registered: 06/23/04
Posts: 587
Loc: California, U.S.A.

I noticed something as I read your Post... The word ex. Could this whole post be some way of getting back at your previous girlfriend some way? Making her sound like a complete idiot by leaning on a wall? Not to mention on a PUBLIC chat site.

I think this whole topic is silly. She obviously did not know the rules, how could she? To go and make a post about it on a public chat room I think is foolish and immature.


Hey, come on now...let's not get personal or turn this into a debate about someone's previous relationships. That's unneccessary and, honestly, a bit rude. You don't even know the guy, do you?

If she was there to watch the class out of personal interest...well, I still think it's okay for her to lean on a wall and/or cross her arms. I'll sit/kneel when my instructor is talking during Escrima, and lean or cross my arms during BJJ. In Tang Soo Do I don't, as it's more traditional, but I'm PART of the class. If she was just there with you...whatever. I've brought my girl along to classes before, she's done homework and even napped on the couch. It's not a big deal, she's not part of the class, she was just with me at the time.
Train hard or don't bother.

#224619 - 01/24/06 08:52 AM Re: My Girlfriend/dojo tale [Re: Kysogkram]
Ronin1966 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/26/02
Posts: 3119
Loc: East Coast, United States
Hello Kysogrham:

<<Well, its body language really.

That would be an interesting interpretation of ~body language~. I respectfully submit, there are many other equaly viable "interpretations" to such <si> "forbidden" acts of yawning, crossing arms, leaning.... but to each their own I suppose....

<<If you're allowed to spectate a class

Please explain ANY validity of preventing same??? (Your word choice "allowed" alarms me frankly...)

<<If you're spectating a class at my dojo, you're expected to sit properly

Ok, and are visitors given some kind of a sheet? Are signs posted re: what "proper" ~observation behavior~ is supposed to be???

<<yawning will cost you 20 pushups

How sad...

<<as will being late and a host of other things)

I do not mean to ~hijack~ the topic, so I will be gentle here... how do such odd ~punishments~ (IMV) get justified??? Habitually being late, or sufficently late that pushups are the substitute for whatever serves as your normal warmup ritual I suppose I comprehend to a minor degree... (sic. if I must) ! What are some of the other offenses & their consequences? Help me understand the reasoning, the thought process why such militancy has a purpose for participants or in this case spectators?

It is a line of "thinking" which... is obscenely difficult to understand...


#224620 - 01/24/06 10:30 AM Re: My Girlfriend/dojo tale [Re: JasonM]
trevek Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/15/05
Posts: 3337
Loc: Poland

Again, in America it is quite custom to lean on something.

All together now!

"Lean on me, when you're not strong... I'll be your strength, I'll help you carry on...."

I think the only time I brought a visitor to class was when my girlfriend came from london. She sat and watched happily. Perhaps the only thing was it turned out she and one other student (who is gay) were discussing how nice my body looked while I was changed.

How could I complain!?
See how well I block your punches with my jaw!!

Supporting everyone saying "nuts to cancer"

#224621 - 01/24/06 01:01 PM Re: My Girlfriend/dojo tale [Re: Mu Ryuk]
QuietGal Offline

Registered: 05/24/05
Posts: 177
Loc: Missouri
It has been mentioned about the rules of the a person is to sit, listen, whatever. Do these rules apply to just the students or do they include spectators/visitors who are just watching? And is this known to all? Are they posted or clearly spelt out to everyone once they walk through the door?
The arms crossed could be considered to be somewhat hostile. I sit or stand alot with my arms crossed when listening and talking to others, but I don't have any hostile intents while doing so (generally). I think one has to take in to account the look on their face, how they are standing, surroundings, and personal comfort before they should assume that how someone had their arms crossed is being hostile.
QuietGal "I'm torn between the desire to create and the desire to destroy." - Lucy Van Pelt

#224622 - 01/25/06 11:44 AM Re: My Girlfriend/dojo tale [Re: Salek]
Eveal Offline
the freshmaker

Registered: 10/15/04
Posts: 303

So I decided to bring my ex(when she wasnt an ex) to a class... she would just sit in the seats and watch... well she decided to stand, lean against the wall, and cross her arms... MAJOR disrespect towards my sensei... Luckily he thought it was humorous seeing my obvious embarassment, and just asked her to have a seat...

I never brought her back, too distracting... Any one else have similar tales?

Keep personal life out of your karate class if its going to disrupt and hender others from training. Also, your teacher has no right to say anything to someone not on the mat training unless they are causing a problem.
Be "Water" my friend!

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