differences between american boxing, muay thai, and JKD footwork methods?

Can't really say about JKD but if you wanna know Queensbury boxing and MT, I know quite a bit.

In boxing, your lead leg is at the front with about 70% of your weight on it with your lead arm elbow close to your ribs and your hands protecting the face area. The body is slightly arched forward to preserve a lower center of gravity and less area to hit while mainting a good base for attacking with rapid speed and recoil. Ideal for in-fighting.

MT has a taller stance with the 70% of your weight on the rear leg, and your lead leg is constantly moving. (See the difference?) The body is arched back a bit to create more space for swinging the weapons. The hands are held high with elbows more spaced away from the body, opening the abdomen area but protecting the face area totally, and serves a good position for blocking/parrying kicks or throwing "bolo" punches that acts like opening for kicks or grabbing for the clinch.

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