For the moment these rules come mostly from Laf(the previous moderator). I have modified them slightly here and there and reserve the right to do so further in the future. I will also be starting a sticky post and filling it full of pointless threads which we don't really want to see again, Ie. Knight vs Samurai, Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, Self Teaching etc.

  1. Please use the forums search function before submitting new topics. This is a big one, the forum regulars will insist on it, particularly if you are posting a topic which has been done to death.
  2. This forum is for the discussion of actual sword arts. We will not waste bandwidth on anime topics or other silly and pointless endeavors that pertain to purely fictional sword styles.
  3. Any discussions on what the "best" sword/art is will be short lived, as there is no such thing. I'll lock these threads so fast you'll think I live on this forum. They do nothing but cause flame wars. Threads that compare one style with another and look for differences are allowable, although I don't know that they will be particuarly useful. Threads that declare one style as inherently superior than another... No.
  4. Profanity and rude behavior will not be tolerated by anyone. We can have fun and joke around with out the personal attacks.
  5. Trolling will not be tolerated.
  6. Follow the forum rules. Period.
  7. When making assertions that go against the grain of common belief you may very well be required to provide proof to back those claims. Most long time members here are very forth coming about their training and background; you can expect to be to. Providing basic info about yourself will be required if you plan to "educate" others due to the number of young and impressionable members we have surfing the forum.
  8. No thread Necromancy If a thread has been idle for more than a year, please do not resurrect the thread by posting in it. If you wish to continue the discussion or make a comment, please start a new thread and post a link to the old one. Posts made to threads more than 2 years old will be summarily deleted.

Enjoy the forum and keep it clean.

Addition 1. I do NOT condone "self teaching" of any kind. Many of the forum members have similar feelings as well. Self teaching has been discussed extensively here. Use the search function before you ask for any information on websites, videos or books for instructional use. If you do not have an instructor get one, if you have an instructor they will be able to provide you with information of the proper resource material for your specific art.

Addition 2. The "reverse blade" katana is another touchy subject here and has been discussed extensively. There will be no new threads on this subject. Use the search function to find previous threads on the subject.

Addition 3. Santoryu as it pertains to the use of three swords one of which being held in the mouth will not be discussed here. As a blanket policy ANY discussion derived from cartoons/anime will be closed or removed. This is not an anime forum and bandwidth will not be wasted on the latest cartoon craze.

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