Does JKD have pre-arranged techniques?? YES. You have to practice a series of pre-arranged techniques in oreder to learn the SO CALLED CONCEPTS. After dissolving these techniques you then respond to a situation out of instinct. Look at Gary Dills SDSJKD and you will find pre-arranged techniques, Look at John Lopez, Dan Inosanto...ect...ect.. all teach a series of pre-arranged techniques. To learn JKD you do have to stay with a certain STYLE of techniques depending on which { Jun Fan JKD, Concepts JKD, SDS JKD} JKD you are training in. To say that any style could be JKD is to say any style could be BJJ. Did Joe Lewis recieve certification to teach JKD that has a lineage back to Bruce? And I only use Joe Lewis because everyone knows who he is. Answere these questions and you will find JKD.