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#223738 - 01/19/06 03:39 PM Re: What a dissapointment for me (Tae Kwon Do rela [Re: MichelleKwondo]
RavenG4 Offline

Registered: 01/06/06
Posts: 34
Loc: New Jersey, USA

I live in Saint Louis and signed up for a 2 week trial with a Dojo right down the street for $30.. They provided the uniform and white belt.. I have NEVER done any kind of Martial Arts before..

I go in and love the 1st week. I'm getting a great workout and I'm swinging at Air They don't really use any equipment to practice with.. at least not while I was there, so it made me wonder what the paying customers money went to. I went 4 nights a week.. The instructors are AWESOME!! There are also many little kids there with Blackbelts and I'm thinking this must be VERY easy....

Anyway I wanted to know what I was getting myself into so on the 3rd day I sat with the Master and he was "trying" to buy me in by stating by signing a 3 year contract you get a nice uniform, a bag and a jacket... he also stated this "For adults you MUST sign a 3 year contract" for kids its a year... it's $119 a month, I talked him down to $85 (didn't want a 3 year contract).. I knew there was no way I was going to sign a 3 year contract...

I have been reading the posts on here to RUN if that's all they do (I knew with him it was ONLY about the Money) and I know that is just absured... He wasn't even WILLING to even let me try a 1 year contract... So I did my last trial day and left at that and come home dissappointed... Stupid me for thinking "Maybe" if I work with him HE will work with me... NOPE.. that's really sad when you HAVE someone wanting to join your Dojo and you can't work with them... I don't know if I want to look else where or just practice what I have already learned at home...

Do you guys think I did the right thing? I kinda feel guilty because I DID love it but my consious is telling to RUN!!

I would agree with everyone else. You did the right thing.

No equipment to practice with? I'd be a little skeptical if they weren't using focus mits or things like that to help you when you were doing punch combinations or things.
"Evil is Powerless if the good are unafraid."- Ronald Reagan

#223739 - 01/19/06 08:07 PM Re: What a dissapointment for me (Tae Kwon Do related) [Re: onb]
MichelleKwondo Offline

Registered: 01/18/06
Posts: 8
onb... I WISH like you.. this was just was made up!! I have never went anywhere for any kind of training like this and I'm now feeling SO fortunate enough to know I shall take my business elsewhere... I'm SOOO sad and I feel devestated this Actually happened to me... the last thing I want to feel is like a fool.. Granted he was so kind enough to tell me if I ever moved out of their 5 location training area I could quit the contract.. I JUST signed a 2 year lease soo I'm not going anywhere anytime soon...I found something I was starting to enjoy and had the Grandmaster TURNS me (a potential paying customer) down because of a lousy 3 year contract, I told him I had no interest in the perk of signing because you "get a duffel bag, jacket, and a spiffy uniform".... I'm in disbelief myself and I don't know how this guy or any shady guys stay in business... From the first trial class I had I started doing my research... The Grandmaster also was so kind enough to take the price from $120 to $85 which was nice but again... Don't know where I WILL be in 3 years. I said to him What would happen if say I lost my job... He said he would "cover" the cost for a month or two and I could pay him back... I wasn't comfortable with signing a contract AND owing him money if I can't pay....

Another thing I noticed while we were practicing. I was able to watch the other more experienced belts spar a little bit and ALL of them were sloppy, All the "Blackbelt" over them said to me was don't pay attention to them they aren't doing it right but she never once tried to correct them, and just let them do what they wanted... just swinging legs and arms everywhere and NONE of them had their hands up to block.. The total amount came to around $4300 for 3 years of training, not including fee's for belts and tests.

I also said to the instructor I was training alone with "are they supposed to be fighting like that?" he of course said no.. If they ever got in a "Real" fight they would be screwed! I never seen a yellow belt while I was there.. Only Green and higher and a few white belts taking the 2 week trial.

I did do some searching in the phone book yellow pages.. I found a TKD school that doesn't require a contract.. Is only $70 a month (Now were talking) and has a website that states they won't test you for any belt until at least 2 months have passed and the instructor FEELS your ready for it.. Also they have it could take up to 4 or 5 years to be a blackbelt... So I'm seeing they EVEN have standards... I called and spoke to the instructor there.. He was very friendly and knowlegable. I'm going to visit Monday and attend some classes.. and see where it goes from there. They also stated that they don't give blackbelts to anyone under the age of 13... So that is another plus. They have 2 belts for each rank.

#223740 - 01/19/06 08:10 PM Re: What a dissapointment for me (Tae Kwon Do rela [Re: RavenG4]
MichelleKwondo Offline

Registered: 01/18/06
Posts: 8
Hi Raven.. They did have 2 kicking bags and 3 sets of gloves but of the 8 nights I went for the trial they never used any of the equipment and had it there for sale with a price tag on it...

#223741 - 01/20/06 09:17 AM Re: What a dissapointment for me (Tae Kwon Do related) [Re: MichelleKwondo]
onb Offline

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 246
Loc: Canada

Well I hope this new club you are going to is better (it sounds to be form the little you said) In fact, the rules you quoted are almost identical to those at my club. The thing we all have to keep in mind is that they are teaching a specialty skill so we do have to pay a premium for it, and gym space/rent is expensive. We can't expect them to lose money... that being said, that first club you talk of hit every negative point possible in as short a time as possible. Sad really.

In truth, I'm a little surprised you found a club that doesn't have a contract agreement. Usually they do, but that's just to make billing easier for everyone, and the contract is only for one year. (that's what I do) Like you, I would never sign a three year contract. That would just force you to keep attending what sounds to be a sloppy school where they'd be doing more harm than good in teaching you real TKD.

Anyway, please keep us all posted on your impressions of the new club you are auditing and if you decide to join with them on a more permanent basis.

#223742 - 01/21/06 06:19 AM Re: What a dissapointment for me (Tae Kwon Do rela [Re: onb]
Mandolynn Offline

Registered: 02/26/05
Posts: 195
Loc: Wisconsin, USA
What a horrible school! Thank God you knew enough to run. This second school sounds much much better. Before you make a final desicion though, you might want to ask yourself what you plan on doing with your training in a year or two. Are you looking for self defense? Sparring and competition? Traditional? Most schools will teach it all, but each one will usually concentrate and be batter at one aspect. Knowing what you prefer will greatly help you in your search. And I remember you saying that you are interested in self defense. Try finding (or asking this second school) a curriculum that incorporates Hapkido. Trying to help:)

Edited by Mandolynn (01/21/06 06:20 AM)
My bladed nunchucks are super sweet.

#223743 - 01/23/06 10:01 AM Re: What a dissapointment for me (Tae Kwon Do rela [Re: RavenG4]
skeeterzirra Offline

Registered: 02/07/05
Posts: 77
Loc: Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
You are thinking of making a commitment, wanting to make a commitment to health, fitness and a martial art. Find a school that is worth that commitment to you.

Check ALL the schools that are reasonable to drive to or attend. As you've already discovered, price is no indication of quality. However, only you can decide how much some niceties as free weights, showers, decent parking and open dojang hours are to you. I attend in Iowa with all of the above for under fifty a month, ..with quality full time instructors that are among the best that I've seen, and that's over many years of training. Don't get disheartened, the good schools are there, you just need to find them.

#223744 - 01/23/06 06:09 PM Re: What a dissapointment for me (Tae Kwon Do related) [Re: MichelleKwondo]
onb Offline

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 246
Loc: Canada

You got a lot of interest from the TKD forum here with your search for a good club... how is your adventure going? How did the newest club work out?

#223745 - 01/23/06 09:45 PM Re: What a dissapointment for me (Tae Kwon Do related) [Re: onb]
MichelleKwondo Offline

Registered: 01/18/06
Posts: 8
Hello Everyone!

I wanted to go check out the new Dojo today...but was not able to. I came down with a nasty cold yesterday (probably from my 6 year old) and didn't go anywhere today... So I had to reschedule... I'm planning on checking it out Wednesday. Tomorrow I'm going to stay home and rest so I can get better.. Thank you all so much for the input and I am keeping all of your suggestions in mind in my search.

Thanks again!!

#223746 - 01/23/06 11:25 PM Re: What a dissapointment for me (Tae Kwon Do rela [Re: MichelleKwondo]
oldman Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 07/28/04
Posts: 5884
I know St.Louis is a big place. I don't know what area you are in but I have some friends that teach in the area.


If anything is close let me know.
There are some good folks out there.

#223747 - 01/24/06 01:30 PM Re: What a dissapointment for me (Tae Kwon Do rela [Re: oldman]
MichelleKwondo Offline

Registered: 01/18/06
Posts: 8
I'm in the Creve Couer Area... I think the new place I was looking at was around the Fenton Area. I went through the yellow pages.... If you can recommend some specific places by me I would love to check them out and give them a shot.

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