Sorry, I tend to lurk and never even registered until I needed to post. Please excuse the cross posting. It seems kind of shallow. But I am looking for information. I am particularly looking for information from students who have made the switch from "sport arts" to "combat arts" and those teachers who have taught students making this transition.

I am a long time judoka who switched to a very traditional self defense oriented aikijujutsu dojo. My sensei tasked me to research and write a paper based on how to train, teach, and motivate those making the same transition. Not a topic with a lot of previous reference material.

In an attempt to be objective, I am looking for other experiences in making the transition and teaching those making the transition.

I am looking for information on:
What motivates students to make such a change?
What motivates them to continue training in combative arts?
What training needs do they have?
Are these things different from other students entering combative arts.

I know the topic of combative vs Sport can be a big can of worms, but rather than debate that topic, I would rather people decide themselves where their art(s) fall.

Thanks for your help.