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I would to add to this by saying that this forum is for the discussion of Pressure Point applications, discussion and happenings. If you're going to post everything with regards to NTKO's please read Kempoman's post quoted below first! I don't really think this is the section for energy projection techniques....I'll will have my "Lock Thread" finger hovering over any threads discussing this topic!

Kempomans post on the burden of proof!


There is a very easy way to change the minds of skeptics...EVIDENCE.

Fortunately for all there is an organization that exists that can help us out in regards to the NTKO and energy projection.

The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). The JREF sponsors a $1,000,000 US paranormal challenge, wherein a person makes a claim to a paranormal ability and is tested to see is such an ability exists. The JREF challenge does not even involve HOW it works only WHETHER it works.

So you simply would make a claim..."I shall wave my arms about and yell quite loudly and this bloke will go syncope"...fill out the application agree to a testing protocol...succeed in your claim and BAM! you are $1,000,000 US richer.

We all may wish that the human race is something greater than we actually are. We may want the ability to fly or levitate, read minds or project chi.

But the EVIDENCE suggests that these things are better left to Hollywood and Science Fiction/Fantasy writers.

Let me be perfectly clear about this


Why is this so hard to understand and accept? Does this mean that noone, anywhere, at anytime will ever do so? No.

What it does mean is that there is no EVIDENCE to support this claim. Therefore just as there is no EVIDENCE to support my claim that there is an invisible pink unicorn sitting beside my chair as I type this, it would be silly of me to get mad and stomp my feet when this is pointed out by others.

There are many things in this universe that are unexplained, but we must use the scientific method to attempt to explain them.

The originator of all of this No-touchy type stuff (Richard Mooney) was actually brave enough to be tested using the scientific method. The testing was coordinated by George Mattson and Dr. Bill Glasheen (goju gods and skeptics) and Evan Pantazi (founder of Kyusho International NTKO proponent) with Dr. J.D. Morenski (the good DoctorX) overseeing it all.

The results were as expected and you can read them for youselves here:

An Empty Force

and here is a great skeptical primer for the martial artist who believes in NTKO's and chi projection

MA Skeptical Primer

PLEASE read them. WARNING though you might have to actually use your brain the Doctor is a very good writer.


Pretty much anything else to with PP's goes!

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