Iím learning the Long Shadow Boxing Form the Chinese Government sponsored the creation of when it first came into power. My question is about the Whirlwind kick in that form. In the 9th form, in the long form, they have a flying whirlwind kick where the right foot slaps the left hand palm by the forehead, then land on the left foot and bring the right foot down by the left knee with toes pointed straight down.

My question is, I have long legs, if I do a flying whirlwind kick with my leg straight with full extension as shown, my foot would be about a 12 inches over my head. So what would be the best way to go? I like the fully extended leg look, but then I would have to slap my foot way over my forehead, or should I bend the right attacking leg and come in more like a round house crescent kick motion where I can slap my palm at forehead level. With the bent leg version much greater power can be put in the kick. So what would be better; showing flexibility with the straight leg, or showing power with the bent leg version?