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#214546 - 12/13/05 06:33 PM Have you ever - KNIFE
Mannie Offline

Registered: 07/14/05
Posts: 19
Hi guys,
Have you ever been a victim of a knife attack?
Or have you witnessed a knife attack?
If yes, could you give me some background on setting, age of attacker, verbals, time, approach, initial attack (slash-thrust-etc..)and your reaction.
Any information that you can share would be much appreciated as i'm putting together a program to be delivered in 2006 for West Coast College of Tafe Security Services on Edge Weapon Awareness & Defenses.

Thank you for your support,
Mannie de Matos
Hakarac Martial Boxing
Hakarac Edge Weapon Defensives

#214547 - 12/14/05 05:13 PM Re: Have you ever - KNIFE [Re: Mannie]
phoenixsflame Offline

Registered: 11/12/05
Posts: 402
Loc: Chicago, Illinois
I've unfortunately been on the edge side of a knife twice. Both times they were out of the blue and I was unable to do anything but react *after* I'd been stabbed/cut.

Nothing I could do. I am not going to claim I fought off a dozen attackers and got stabbed and continued to fight.

First, I was in an altercation in a large crowd and someone pulled a small knife from the pocket and went to walk past me, stabbed me in the stomach. I didn't hit them, they ran into the crowd and I held my stomach because it'd felt like I'd been punched, save I was bleeding. I then screamed "I'm bleeding" and panicked... Not neccisarily going to increase my toughness factor, but... lol.

Second was much less interesting, and lets just say someone got behind me and had something sharp and got the side of me neck.

Either way, knives are bad. In a knife fight, someone is going to get cut, period. You can do all the knife protection training you want. But, in the strip you will inevitably get cut. Its to close, to manueverable and to sharp. When we're talking other disarms, they are not as tricky as the knife disarm because of one simple factor.

A knife, the normal pocket knife a person carries is between 4-6 oz's... The ability and quickness in which someone can change the direction of their knife while you're trying to grab their wrist/hand... Is much to quick.

Just something to think about....
While everything changes, nothing is truly lost.

#214548 - 12/14/05 07:54 PM Re: Have you ever - KNIFE [Re: phoenixsflame]
Mannie Offline

Registered: 07/14/05
Posts: 19
Thanks phoenixsflame for sharing.
The info that i'm getting from other sources eco your attitude. I have't come across anyone that has disarmed or stripped a knife yet.

#214549 - 12/15/05 01:16 AM Re: Have you ever - KNIFE [Re: Mannie]
phoenixsflame Offline

Registered: 11/12/05
Posts: 402
Loc: Chicago, Illinois
I've known only one individual who stripped a knife and that was in Vietnam in the 70's with a flak jacket on ... Not a really good litmus test, considering the difference of situation than any SD Situation I can think of.

Anyone else had run ins with a knife? Other than the Kitchen Kind?
While everything changes, nothing is truly lost.

#214550 - 12/15/05 02:24 PM Re: Have you ever - KNIFE [Re: Mannie]
fattts14 Offline

Registered: 07/07/05
Posts: 224
Loc: T.O. On, Can
I did not get stabbed/cut duie to de-esclting the situatuin but if it helps here it goes...
A couple of aquaintances (not friends) of mine jumped a guy walking down the street. One of his buddies ran back to a party to get some guys. They came back in a car, 5 of them. We were all about 17-20 at the time and the car load of guys were all admittedly involved in a gang. I know them all too. I was walking home with a buddy after the enitial beeting when the car pulled up and they all got out and charged us. The "leader" who was also the smallest of them all came nose to nose with me. He pulled a butterfly knife out and actually did some cool hand work with it before pushing it into my chest - thank God for Canadian winters being so cold - the knife didm't penetrate my thick Dickies winter jacket. I have had many encounters with these guys before and was on a first name or nickname basis with most of them. They were more so just trying to scare me and get info out of me about where the other guys that jumped their buddy were. I was trying to talk the situation down not even realising that the guy I was walking home with was gone. He had ran back to get the other aquintnces of mine who all came running down the streets with hammers and screwdrivers. The gang guys all jumped into the car and sped of afer one of my guys kicked through the window. This all took place in a residential area of the suburbs, around 2:00am. Like I sad before most of the guys were in their late teens, and seemed as if they were just trying to intimidate more than anything. One og the other guys had an extendable and must of flicked it out and collapsed it 8 or 9 times just to show that he had it.
Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.

#214551 - 12/16/05 07:22 PM Re: Have you ever - KNIFE [Re: Mannie]
Alex89 Offline

Registered: 04/24/04
Posts: 427
Loc: Montreal,Quebec,Canada
I didn't get hurt at all when this happenes. My cousin and I were going into the metro (3:10 pm), there wasn't a lot of people in the metro. On top of the escalators were 3 guys. When we descended the escalator we noticed that they were following us. We started walking and they circled us, and asked us for our money in a really rough tone, so we handed it to them. Then one of them put their hand inside his baggy pants and came up with a knife, and told us to hand him our wallets, so we did. I forgot to give him 2$ and he said he was going to stab me. I told him no, and gave him some HALLS. After that happened, the metro started to get full, so they ran away. They were all 16, 17 and, 18 years old. My cousin and I were 14. And I had not martial arts experience back then.
BTW, they were all caught and arrested.
Baggy clothes are dangerous if your attacker has them on, because you don't know what they could pull out from their pockets or sleeves.

#214552 - 12/29/05 07:22 PM Re: Have you ever - KNIFE [Re: Mannie]
ChrisKaufman Offline

Registered: 12/29/05
Posts: 7
Long, long, long ago in high school I had a kid pull a switchblade out and threaten me with it. I had had maybe a couple hour's worth of Park District karate training. I did a front kick to his wrist and the knife shot out of his hand.

He didn't know what he was doing, and he was only trying to scare me, not hurt me. I didn't know what I was doing and got lucky. I think my bully-bait rating went down a few points though.

I know a lot more now and wouldn't be as quick to try to disarm someone. They might actually have a clue as to what they are doing and I was VERY lucky the knife didn't hit someone else. I never even thought about the trajectory the knife would take if I was successful.
Chris Kaufman 1st Dan Hapkido 1st Dan Tang Soo Do 1st Dan Kobudo

#214553 - 12/30/05 01:08 PM Re: Have you ever - KNIFE [Re: Mannie]
shinobi_v1 Offline

Registered: 12/30/05
Posts: 8
Loc: the shadows
not all the time but most knife assaults happen when the victim doesnt even now its gonna happen.....kinda sad but true but its a very important subject to add to your self defense training...knife assaults are not stressed enough in some self defense...i hope that helps

#214554 - 01/02/06 11:33 PM Re: Have you ever - KNIFE [Re: shinobi_v1]
whitedragon_48 Offline

Registered: 09/29/04
Posts: 185
Loc: W. Phoenix, AZ US

Working in corrections and law enforcement for the past 12 years has afforded me the oportunity to witness stabbings and being stabbed too. I've been stabbed twice and cut once while on the job, that gave me a bit of an better insight on the subject (and some really cool scars that make quite the conversation piece). Let me talk briefly of these. As said before, you will rarely see the knife of a person bent on attacking you. You only see it if it is used for intimidation. My 1st stab I did not see or felt at all, I was breaking up a fight and I got stabbed about 9" from my groin (ouch). The second time an inmate came at me and pulled something from his clothes and swung at me cutting me slightly on the chest. I barely had time to back away from the attack. The 3rd (and hopefully, last) I saw him with the knife just as he was comming from overhead to stab me. I did an upper-block to his arm and caught the shank right in my forearm. It got stuck in the radius (spelling?) bone. But at least it wasn't my neck. I will not discuss in much detail how I ended those 3 incidents.

A dissarm, although possible, is very difficult. C'mon, how easy is to catch an object traveling at an excess of 120mph and that can change direcction in a flash? The most important thing is to control the weapon and then, if possible dissarm. Hold on to that knife hand for dear life and don't let go while bashing his face in with the other arm. It all comes down to how badly you want to live.
Yours in the Spirit of the Warrior-Scholar, Carlos M. Roman, Senior Instructor American Kenpo

#214555 - 03/16/06 12:30 PM Re: Have you ever - KNIFE [Re: whitedragon_48]
littlemikey26 Offline

Registered: 03/16/06
Posts: 11
Loc: michigan
i was a bouncer for the last 4 yrs in a punk rock club in detroit, and i've been cut several time, mostly by surprise, one kid stabbed me with a penknife, it hit my wristwatch slid off to the outside and unzipped about three inches of my wrist, i slapped his left hand down, (he was holding it in his left hand reversed) and slashed him in the upper gums just below his nose with a ridge hand, and busted his front teeth, he dropped the knife and put his hand to his face at which point i grabbed his left wrist and applied an arm-bar to force his head down and shin-kicked him in his face, that finished it, i didnt even know i was cut till afterwards, the funny thing is the cut didnt even bleed, it just un-zipped, when i got to the emergency room the told me i was lucky cause the spot i got cut didnt have any major blood vessels or capillaries hence the reason for not bleeding still took sixteen stiches though, i also heve been cut thru a leather jacket from what i think was a straight razor, the cut is very shallow and about five or six inches from my wrist on the underside of my arm the cut was about an inch or two, and it happened when a patron was mugged by a homeless man, apparently he approached her and demanded money, but she fought and actually kicked him twice, but the second time he cut her on the inside of the leg just above the knee, i saw what was happening and ran over and struck him in the face on the side of his body away from the knife but he reached up and pulled the knife across the inside of my left arm, luckily i was wearing a leather jacket, or it would have been much worse, then he ran and i was too busy seeing if we were both ok to bother chasing him once again to the hospital, this time i was lucky too cause if i hadent been wearing a jacket it could have severed the tendons in my arm! also i once disarmed a guy with a wet towel by slapping it down on the knife and tangling it up on the blade and ripping it out of his hands, only to watch as my co-workers piled on to him one to a limb, it's nice to have freinds


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