Hello all. I am posting this around to different Forums hoping to get a response.I am from Jersey, Woodbridge area to be exact. I've been trainning for quite some time now and as of late, due to a lot of shifting around of work and home related duties, haven't had a chance to find a good school to train in occasionally. Is there anyone out there that is doing the Basement/Garage workout crew thing? I used to have a regular bunch come to my basement, but had to kill it recently. I'm looking for a bunch of regular guys (and or girls, not to discriminate) who check their egos at the door and just like to have a good solid rugged workout in the Martial Arts. Self defense, Combat Trainning, Jiujitsu Mixed MA, General Advancement. In my experience, a lot of the really good spots to train are the ones that aren't in the public view. Mostly because they're filled with Higher ranks that are mostly done with the typical standard class and are interested in training at a regularly "Higher" pace/level where everyone can bring something to learn to the table. I like a workout that will leave me sore the next day. That's how you know you had a great session. Are there any places like that left out there? Somewhere in or near the Woodbridge, NJ area. PLEASE.