From now on, any and all posts that I or the soon to be active moderators on this forum consider to be 'off focus' will be deleted.
A second post will result in a user ban. I will encourage the new mods to email me lists if necessary of user names to ban on mass until this forum comes into line.

I took over this area of the forum when it was unused with a grand total of four posts, I dont intent to see it awash with BS now.

Therefore, any posts to do with kiddie gang fights, locker room / dinner line brawls and so on are banned. As are posts from people wanting to learn how to hurt there kid brother or the guy whos eyeing up their girlfriend.

All posts will from now on question or comment ONLY upon technical aspects of self defence theory and practice, techniques, psychology of the street and strictly related topics - or be deleted.

Mr V


Since all the gun law threads seem to be politically charged and turn to flame wars they will no longer be allowed. All posts concerning these topics will be deleted and the poster will be warned.


Hi guys,

I'll be your host here in our little MA stories section, so howdy folks! I've got my crash helmet ready and a big whacking stick for anyone who gets out of line. Here are the rules:

This is a forum to share and discuss stories relating to Martial Arts and the uses both in and out of the Dojo. These stories are to share experiences, problems and generally aid in the education of yourself and others.

Please use caution when offering advice, remember that behind each screen name is an actual person - they may actually follow your advice. Think before you type!
This is not a forum in which to stroke your own ego, boast of battlefield success, discuss how you beat your little brother up or a home for VTG's.

That's about all I can think of for now. As I find my feet here, more maybe added.


Thankyou for your cooperation.

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