Yes, you are right. I use hand wraps for heavy bag work and in the ring, but like you Ranger, I'm getting old so I haven't been in the ring for quite some time. I found this forum by accident while searching for some of those hand wrap replacements (Everlast EverGel Glove Wraps). I didn't notice that this thread was for Krav/Israeli MA, of which I know very little so I am not qualified to speak on the subject. I am curious though. Although I do still believe in wraps and gloves for hand protection, especially when training, I did break my hand in the first round of a match (while properly wrapped) when the guy ducked his head just as I threw a straight left, so I know they aren't a panecea for all injuries. I'm also not sure why you would need to get into focus mitts since, in my experience, only one of the trainers donned the mitts, but again, I am ignorant of Krav training methods. I do understand the problem of the wraps coming loose without gloves on and the Mexican wraps, while better, would probably not completely solve that problem. However, the Everlast EverGel Glove Wraps might. I tried some on at Big 5 and they feel nice. They have two strips which crisscross the back of the hand like regular wraps for support and then those are secured by a wrap around wrist support. The package says they were ment to replace wraps but I coudn't get my gloves on over them (but as I said, my gloves are too small). They appear to be made of washable materials. My only gripe, and the reason for the search, is their yellow/black color.