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#203015 - 11/24/05 11:23 PM Re: Alternative health [Re: Ed_Morris]
Avalon Offline

Registered: 08/25/05
Posts: 50
Loc: Canada
Regarding chiropractors and allergy treatments, they may have been referring to a practice called NAET (N...the name of the founder, a long east Indian name; A -- allergy; E -- easing; T -- Treatment).

I have a small son with fatal food allergies and I can tell you I am the LAST person to experiment with his allergies. I avoid things so scrupulously that he is severely restricted with many things he eats.

However, I did find the NAET to be helpful -- in a rather accidental manner.

When he was one year old he was hospitalized when his dad gave him one tiny shred of cheese. By the time he was almost two his milk allergy was so severe that his dad could eat his cereal, get a drop of milk on his mustache, wipe it off, kiss Chris's face half an hour later and Chris' cheek would immediately erupt into a massive welt. The allergist, who he had seen the year before, re-tested him at 22 months and told us the milk allergy was so severe that he will be anaphylactic with it. He said that since the allergy worsened so early in life that it will only get worse.

Needless to say this was a virtual death sentence for my son, as every processed food has some sort of milk or milk product in it, including casein, whey, and sodium caseinate. (These were to be avoided also!) I decided he had nothing to lose and I went to a chiropractor whose application of NAET has met with great success according to the people who have been to him.

After performing the treatment the chiropractor said to try milk on the skin first, then the lip if there is no reaction(this is the same way the allergist suggests we try an allergy food). However, I was too afraid and didn't try it.

I took him back a second time a week later for a checkup and another treatment. I still was too afraid to try it; I just hoped the treatment may have made him safe.

Then came the test.

Two weeks after his last treatment my not-yet-two-year-old son was at playgroup with me and believe me, I spoke at great length, repeatedly, about his allergies. When snack time rolled around I pointed to some cupcakes topped with whipped cream and made it clear he can't have them. I stepped into the kitchen for a minute or two to pick up something else for him to eat, came out of the kitchen, and...

Some schmuck had given him one of those cupcakes. Despite all I had made clear to everyone, obviously they were too busy talking about Dr. Phil to pay attention. He had sucked off most of the whipping cream and had started eating the cake. Yes, that's possible within a minute or two.

I nearly had a heart attack, watched him closely for about ten minutes, and when it seemed safe to run home with him (just across the field, not very far) I picked him up, ran home with him and followed him around the house with his Epi pen for twelve hours.

He didn't have a single reaction. Not a wheeze, not a sneeze, not a fart, not a hive, nothing. And yes, this was real whipping cream. I saw the container in the kitchen. He was too small to be affected by a delayed placebo effect.

So, for the next week I tried putting drops of milk on his cheek and lip (still too freaked out to feed it to him!). There was no reaction. After ten days he had a mild reaction, so I took him back to the chiro, had another treatment and that was that. I still avoided milk but I no longer felt as though I was living in a minefield.

At his third birthday he went to the allergist again and in addition to the skin tests the doc ordered blood tests for milk and peanut allergy. He said the blood tests were a better indicator of potential reaction. The result? He has an 80% chance of a mild reaction if he has a "fair quantity" (however that much is) of either one. He may have outgrown the allergy by age three, but he certainly did not outgrow it between the time of his two-year test and the cupcake.

This same chiro cured my migraines with Active Release Technique.

He also helped a range of symptoms that had my doctor puzzled by suggesting I take magnesium. It worked great.

Another chiro suggested I had hypoglycemia, without me even mentioning any symptoms. He said he picked it up from my energy field. Several years of symptoms and tests and doctors, and this guy hit it bang on. A change of diet and I was much better.

I trust my family doctor and pediatrician, and allergist, but if medical science cannot help me I will look elsewhere. If a treatment is non-invasive and you are not being promised any miracles (none of the above professionals made any promises, only suggestions) then why not?


#203016 - 11/25/05 01:39 AM Re: Alternative health [Re: Avalon]
srv Offline
The OTHER forum Doctor

Registered: 11/16/05
Posts: 139
Loc: SA, Australia
Avalon, just because a treatment is non - invasive ie no operations, procedures, needles etc does not mean that it is harmless so there may well be a "big deal" You're putting something into your body that may or may not have been stringently tested for side effects and sometimes not for a clear reason eg using magnesium for a mixture of symptoms.Yep, it may have helped your symptoms but there was no diagnosis and therefore no rationale to stick a supplement into your body. I have no problem with people using alternative therepies (in most cases) but you all need to be aware that just because they're alternative, does not mean that they are all safe, well tested and that you are taking them without risk. Having done a detailed literature review on this subject for a presentation to a group of Paediatric Allergists (I am a Paediatrician) I too can give you lots of stories, but instead on bad outcomes (including death) of various alternative therapie. And please let your doctors know cause they may inadvertantly prescribe something that interacts with what you're taking if they don't know. Also be aware - that in Australia at least - if you have a seriously bad outcome as a result of an alternative treatment, you cannot take legal action because you have "chosen" to use it instead of conventional medicine.

#203017 - 11/25/05 01:43 AM Re: Alternative health [Re: Avalon]
BuDoc Offline
The doctor will see you now

Registered: 05/03/05
Posts: 1067
Loc: USA and Abroad
I am very happy to hear that your son is doing well. That is the single most important thing.

The rest of your post simply stikes me as absurd on several levels.

I would ask about a few of the most glaring examples.

What exactly was the method(s) used by this chiropractor to "cure" your son? I am not understanding how spinal manipulation of an infant can help to treat an allergic response.

How was your chiropractor able to come to a diagnosis of hypoglycemia by examining your "energy field"

Given the variables in the differential diagnosis, detecting hypoglycemia is an incredibly easy thing to do. It is as commonly checked as BP,temp,pulse, and respirations. It is considered one of the primary assessments when dealing with an unknown affliction. I find it incredible that you had aan affliction for years and no allopathic physician ever found hypoglycemia.

And to draw on your advice from another thread(Immune system), The placement of PET (tubes in childrens ears) is one of the simplest, safest, quickest procedures in all of medicine. It literally takes less than 5 minutes, can be accomplished with local anathesia in the form of a drop of carbolic acid to "numb" the tympanic membrane, can be performed while the child lays on a regular bed or even sits in a chair. In the ENT's office they can watch the procedur on TV, while the doctor shows them the magnified TM(it looks like a tea saucer)

Your sensationalist depiction of these events, does not really lend creedance to the idea of alternative medicine.

Medical Advisor for the Somolian National Sumo Team

#203018 - 11/25/05 02:37 PM Re: Alternative health [Re: srv]
Avalon Offline

Registered: 08/25/05
Posts: 50
Loc: Canada
srv -- I have never been a fan of supplements and I know many people who overdose on them, on the advice of naturopaths or "nutritional doctors". In regard to the magnesium, I did approach my family doc with this information -- like I said, I do respect him -- and he said that yes, it can be helpful for women. He went on to detail exactly why. He cannot really offer suggestions for supplementation unless blood tests reveal a deficiency but he was glad it worked for me and said that as long as I didn't exceed the RDA, that there would be no safety concerns.


#203019 - 11/25/05 03:15 PM Re: Alternative health [Re: BuDoc]
Avalon Offline

Registered: 08/25/05
Posts: 50
Loc: Canada
BuDoc -- I didn't expect my post to be well-received but you are making assumptions about me that are incorrect. You assessed my "depiction of these events" as "sensationalistic", without any assumption that I may be portraying events as they happened. You are in America, correct? I am not. My doctor, who is known to be an excellent doctor in the industry (I know various lab techs, physiotherapists and specialists who speak highly of him), was the one who said the children need to go under general anesthetic for tubes and that the specialists are still reluctant to do them. You do it differently there? Awesome! Your procedure sounds much safer. This must be why so many Canadians go to the US for procedures. You are known for superior care in a number of different medical fields. There are some incredible doctors here also, but it is known that the US pays considerably more and newspapers often have articles lamenting the "brain drain" from our medical fields to the US because of this.

NAET is Google-able, but to save you the effort I will tell you that it does not involve spinal manipulation but rather a treatment taken from TCM. They use acupuncture, or in the case of small children or squeamish folks, acupressure. Sometimes spinal manipulation is suggested but this is not the basis of the procedure. How does it work? On the same principles as acupuncture, which are not valid in western medicine but which have been in use for a long time in China. I did go to the allergist soon after and explained what happened, and he had the same response to the treatment that you did. I asked him to explain why Chris didn't react to the allergen and he just said, "That's just nonsense". This was not helpful in aiding my understanding.

How was the chiropractor able to assess hypoglycemia by viewing my energy field? Since this whole concept cannot be scientifically explained or proven there is no reply that I could possibly give. This is what he said, and since he gave me a correct answer where none could before, I don't see any reason for me to question him.

Why did the allopathic doctors miss hypoglycemia? The family doc I have now would likely pick it up -- he's very thorough. The one I had before was not. I had the whole battery of blood and urine tests, brain scans, inner ear testing, you name it, all on my request. Why didn't they pick it up? You'd have to ask them. If it's as easy as you say -- and your answer makes sense -- then I can't imagine why not. I'm not a doctor and am not qualified to answer that.

I understand your position and skepticism. I know many people who avoid doctors like the plague and who will grasp upon ANY alternative treatment and who will believe any nonsense coming from that field. There is much quackery out there and many people who would go for it. Since I don't post very often you don't know me at all and it would be easy to assume I am one of "those" types based on a couple of posts. (oh, and by the way, the post about Cold FX was not anti-medical. My own doctor uses it every day and many doctors across Canada recommend it.)

However, despite the numerous setbacks I have had with the medical profession (I won't go into all of them here...) I still have respect for the doctors and nurses who have worked with me and my family. Any health problem I have, or my family has, always begins with a visit to the doctor. I will take medications and give them to my family if they are necessary and helpful. For example, me and my youngest son take inhaled steroids for our asthma. This is a real alternative no-no, but I do what I think is best and a proven medication that helps us breathe is best.

These alternative paths were pursued when I couldn't find answers the medical way. When I am searching for answers the medical way I leave no stone unturned. If nothing turns up, I look elsewhere. If I seem flaky, sensationalistic, overemotional, uneducated or anything else; well, that's the limitations of internet forums and the written word. The pursuit of alternative help is not necessarily a lapse in logic but rather a search for help where there seems to be none.


#203020 - 01/03/06 06:49 PM Re: Alternative health [Re: Ed_Morris]
harlan Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 07/31/04
Posts: 6665
Loc: Amherst, MA

Health care in the oooold days:

#203021 - 01/13/06 02:42 PM Re: Alternative health [Re: harlan]
Mr_Heretik Offline

Registered: 05/20/05
Posts: 1074
Loc: Bronx NY, USA
Well I made a thread about hypnosis recently and it was locked.. oh well.

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