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The idea of the Point of the Week posts is to stimulate discussion of the manipulation and application of a specific PP in actual combat. The PP's are workable within all MA systems and their study will greatly enhance the effectiveness of ALL arts. However, you must first have an advanced understanding of your art before you begin looking at PP's!

Here is a basic guide to PP attacks. Please pay close attention to the Safety section.

Governer Vessel 16/GV16 or Feng Fu (Winds Dwelling)

This weeks Point of the Week is Governor Vessel 16 or GV16 for short. It is of Yang polarity according to TCM. It is located on the back where the spine enters the skull here .

This point is listed in the 36 Vital Points of the Bubushi and is extremely dangerous.


This point responds extremely well to a dull heavy strike at a 45 degree angle straight up towards the forehead.

From an energetic point of view striking this point will cause havoc within the energetic system. It is vitally important to the Extraordinary Vessels (EV's) and striking this point severely impairs the EV's ability to correct energetic imbalances that may have been caused by previous strikes.

TCM theory aside this point, struck at the correct angle, sends extreme shock directly into the brain. It is a horrific feeling being struck here. Even at low power levels your brain will almost feel as if it has "jumped" a split second or two. A higher power levels concussion, unconsciousness or even death may occur.

Due to its effects from both a MWM and a TCM point of view, this point is considered a finishing strike. Due to its close proximity strikes to GV16 will also be activated.


As always applications are always subjective and to be used as a basis to stimulate thought.

This point is easier to get to from the rear. If you are entering from the rear (in a Doorman/LEO capacity) a palm heel will fit in particually well, and at a fairly low power level will still yield a good jolt. Ideal for taking someone out of the game quickly.

If you can slip to the outside of the opponent GV16 is a lovely shot for a knife hand, a horizontal hammer fist or a ridge hand.

If you can cause the opponent to lean forwards from a shot to the groin or stomach area the neck will stretch out, offering GV16 to the whole world. From this position dropping an elbow in at the correct angle could be lethal.
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