Cord, my Dad is actually an experienced thug (more ways than one! ) coz he was in a thug in Pat O'Keefe's "Combat Kick Boxing: A Framework for Success" book.....if anyone's got that book, that's my baseball bat in it!!! Barring experience, my Dad's a bit on the large side....thats gonna be one hell of a lot of shoe polish! How much is the train fare from Cambridge to Southend???

Oh, OOO, Shiatsu...Guys, do yourself a favour, book a Shiatsu treatment.....You will not regret it! I've spent the whole day learning and experiencing it....this is only my 2nd weekend and I'm already getting results....a fully qualified person will chill you out beyond belief! Wouldn't recomend it though if your working the Door that was a real effort to muster up the desire to tell a prat to go forth and multiply tonight!
Gavin King
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